Nexus One Pricing Leaked


Update: The terms of sale have leaked via a PDF that while dated for November 17th pretty much details the process by which you buy this phone. Read here.

This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for! The guys over at Gizmodo have got their paws on what seems to be an internal Google document revealing pricing for the HTC Nexus One, both subsidized and unsubsidized. Getting right to the point, the Nexus One will be $530 unsubsidized and $180 subsidized with a new 2-year contract with T-Mobile. Here are some details to take note of:

-$530 Unsubsidized price tag

-$180 Subsidized (new 2-year contract)

If you want the phone at the $180 subsidized price there is a catch. There’s only one rate plan: $39.99 Even More 500 mins + Text + Web for $79.99 (umm…What if I want unlimited minutes?). According to Gizmodo’s Tipster, existing customers cannot keep their plan if they want a subsidized phone; they have to change to the one plan, and this only applies to accounts with one single line. Family plans, Flexpay, SmartAccess and KidConnect subscribers must buy the phone unlocked and unsubsidized for $530. Also you can only buy five Nexus One phones per Google account. Google will sell the handset at

And if you cancel your plan before 120 days, you have to pay the subsidy difference between what you paid and the unsubsidized price, so $350 in this case. Or you can return the phone to Google. You also authorize them to charge this directly to your credit card.

Google’s set up some pretty tight requirements. Seriously though, what is up with only being able to get the Nexus One subsidized at that one price plan? 500 mins, I go through that in less than 2 weeks. I really hope Google makes some last minute changes to their requirements.

How’s the pricing looking? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


Thanks to EVERYONE who sent this in via email and the @TmoNews twitter account!

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  • Jonstonson

    1. Drop the trackball.
    2. Ditch the brown/gray/puke color.

    I’m not an iPhone lover at all but HTC phones do not look as attractive as the iPhone, therefore it will not sell like the iPhone.

    I’ll keep to my 9700.

    • Dan

      I think google should allow the N1 to be used on a family plan. It’s ridiculous to only allow it on an individual plan.

      • pancho

        I know right, I wanted to get it on a family plan too.

  • Bobby

    me wants n-1

  • francisco

    i cant wait for this phone!

  • francisco

    i agree mike! =]

  • Jobbers

    I want this little jobber

  • Vision77

    I am gonna wait it out…..I think this is google testing the waters. I got a feeling 2010 is going to be a big year for T-mo. I like the Nexus1, HD2 and N900….I would get an N1 if I wasn’t gonna get kicked out of my current plan. So if I gotta spend $530, I’m gonna get the best phone. I will be checking out N1’s competition.

  • thechemist

    Really Google? I was headed to get this phone as soon as it hit the shelves. Now it’s only hitting the online shelves and I will have to pay $530 for it since my wife and I have the family plan? Wow.

    • http://GOOLE.COM BBM1KE


      • Annonomous

        From what I understand you can change your plan w/ t-mobile once you recieve the phone. I’m not sure if this has been confirmed or not. I heard it from a t-mobile customer service representative.

  • thechemist

    Which I meant “NO!” I will not be getting this phone now. next….

  • Manny


  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Just a small note: the definition of a “leak” is “information that becomes known despite efforts at concealment.” Does anyone really believe that the Nexus One Google details are leaked information? I don’t. It’s obvious that part of Google’s marketing is to let loose on the Net the typical:

    Unidentified blurry single shot.

    Then a few more pics, a little sharper.

    Then three or four shots, sharp and clear.

    Followed by the leak of leaks, video on YouTube with the device in action.

    Followed by spec sheets and more pics.

    Then information on which carrier will get it, usually a salesman brochure or single page meant for employees who will be selling it.

    Followed by retail pricing.

    And lastly, the release-sale-debut date.

    There’s nothing wrong with building excitement with the timed release of bits and pieces of a new product.

    Guess I am just tired of calling this stuff “leaked” information when it’s really just a company’s precise marketing plan, fully authorized by the powers that be.

    Faux leaks are certainly one way to launch a device, but can we all call this stuff what it is and quit with the “leak” labels.

    Just sayin.

    • Timo

      It sure does wreak of viral marketing campaign. If people were so intent on leaking info that they were supposed to keep secret, you’d think they could have gotten some in focus pictures.

  • JustAPhoneUser

    Wow, if this is really how it is, this phone will end up being one big dud. Seriously, 500min? I would never give up my current unlimited+data at $75mo for this. and no way am I paying $530 cash for a phone…

  • Vbear1

    Google I was going to buy your phone as soon as it hit the market but I will not give up my loyalty unlimited family plan of $89.00 for this phone and I will be damned if I pay $600.00 for a phone plus the tax. Did you know we are in a hard economic times or you are trying to help AT&T keep its Iphone unbeatable for another year.

  • Vbear1

    I would rather buy an unlocked IPhone for the $600.00 and use my Tmobile sim card and have the best phone and my current plan.

  • Damian Wayne

    I still want the phone, it seems like $530 is actually reasonable for unsubsidized (remember $1,000 Xperia?) and I think the phone is worth it… I just don’t have $530 to spend. AH well. At least this will make me wait and see what happens w/ the HD2 and new Xperia.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I agree with you there Damian, $500+ seems to be the default high-end phone price and I am used to it so I would pay that price, especially instead of that horrible, draconian plan Google expects people to pay.

      That 39.99 price for 500 minutes must be T-Mo’s and Google’s way to assure that people will buy the more expensive plan. If anything, history is showing that people are getting away from 400 to 600 minute plans because that’s not enough minutes.

      The carriers know this. They see people using way more minutes than this, for example, if someone is on wireless only at home, meaning no land line.

      Does not matter to me, I have paid $400 to $800 for phones for years. Back in the 90s $500 got you a phone whose only feature that you were paying that kind of money for was bragging rights that it was the smallest phone in the world at the time.

      And like your recall of the $1000 Xperia, in year 2000 I paid $800 for a Toshiba PDA Phone, that was a precursor to the iPhone. And that was $800 in year 2000 dollars. It had a color display, touchscreen only, and could play movies and music. I even had a now-defunct Sierra Wireless card that gave me Net access. That was something back then, connecting to eBay on my phone. (I have always said that the iPhone was nothing new in terms of technology, as evidenced by my year 2000 Windows Pocket PC Toshiba PDA phone, that would have been called a smartphone today).

      If I like the Nexus or the HD2 (that will also be an HTC device, but rumored to be running Windows Mobile 7) I will definitely pay the unsubsidized price. I’d rather do that than be tied down to a contract, especially a draconian contract that might be T-Mo’s attempt to get users to pay overage charges each month

      (That’s where the money is with cell phones, each customer paying $50 to $200 a few times a year in overage charges. It’s as evil as credit car companies and banks making billions, estimated $75 billion, on over limit and overdraft charges). I suspect carriers want to do the same. Can’t make billions in overage charges if people have unlimited plans or plans with plenty of minutes.

      I digress, forgive me.

      • Usman

        I still do not believe that if you order the subsidized phone, and call T-mobile later the same day, that they won’t let you upgrade to a more expensive plan. They’d rather have guaranteed cash flow, than variable cash flow based on potential overage charges.

      • hellowoutthere

        Unless you are jumping from provider to provider the subsidy really does make sense for the consumer. Given that this phone is really only t-mobile compatible (for 3g) it really does not make sense to forfeit a subsidy, other then for the fact that the plan it comes with is SO bad. I think most will just pass this one up and wait for a better deal.

        Now, if we could just renew our existing plan and get the subsidy, then we would have a go. I am not sure why they would not give this a an option, other then that they may be banking on people dipping into EXPENSIVE overage minutes to make up for the subsidy….

  • adude

    And I was so looking so forward to this phone. Can’t keep your plan and get a subsidy? $530 is far to much money as well. This is actually a worse deal then an iphone.

    I would go for it if I could just extend my plan like you can with all other phones. This 500 minute plan is silly. Who would want that?

    • Matt

      When it comes to T-Mobile, I am sure you will be able to. Is everyone forgetting this is an invite only deal right now?

  • skilz


    your plan sucks, how about 79.99 for unlimited min, data, AND Text from tmo.

    • nathan118

      Maybe he doesn’t want to pay 5 dollars more for text?

  • Matt

    Get the 500 minute plan and then call T-Mobile and change it to the Unlimited. It’s that simple.

  • hellowoutthere

    Wow, that is a crappy plan by todays standards. It is not that the phone is not technically worth $530, but I for one could not financially justify paying this price or the unlocked version when I have a choice of so many other great phones and plans such as the Droid, Pre, or Iphone for for basically $330 less with a reasonable modern plan, all be it subsidized.

    I was really anticipating this phone, but under these conditions, IF this leaked doc is correct there is no way in heck I will be going for it.

    Oh well…

    • Usman

      Are you joking? You can’t justify it financially? Even at $530 and on an Even More Plus plan with T-mo, it would be WAY cheaper than the Droid or iPhone on their respective carriers!

      Why can’t you simpletons understand that subsidy or not, you are paying the full price of the phone one way or the other!

  • Jharper

    They really BUNGLED this one up! What a bummer…

  • jemarti

    If this information is acurate, the plan restiction for the subsidized phone is pure fail. I was going to replace my crusty old T-Mobile Wing with a Nexus, but I’m on a family plan with my wife, and I’m not the least bit interested in changing to a crappier plan just to get this phone.

    The more of us that yawn and walk away, the sooner they will drop this stupid plan restriction.

  • Rich

    Okay. This is a complete failure on Google’s/T-Mo’s part.

    I mean first we’re in a horrible economic period here in the US and for them to come out with this phone – which will probably be surpassed in less than a year anyway – and force people into either going with a horrible plan or paying full price (which is a ridiculous anyway when every intelligent person on the planet knows it costs pennies to produce anyway) isn’t very market savvy right now.

    Also it’s a bit ridiculous for people to keep raving on this as an ‘unlocked’ phone when in fact it really only works on T-Mo for 3G and why would you want a phone like this if you can’t use it on a 3G network anyway. Plus, you can pretty much unlock any phone… all you have to do is wait long enough and then ask – so that’s not really a big deal anyway.

    With this price point, horrible T-Mo coverage and plans and the fact that it’s going to be pretty much stuck with T-Mo regardless of what Google will say… this is shaping up to be a total failure for Google.

    • Usman

      As has been mentioned about 143,043 times before… the total cost of the phone and plan, subsidized or unsubsidized are relatively close, but it’s ALWAYS cheaper paying the unsubsidized price and then paying less on the monthly Even More Plus plan with T-mo. The only exception being if you’re eligible for a corporate discount on the Even More plan, which ends up cheaper in some cases.

      Secondly, the definition of an UNLOCKED phone is that it works on ALL GSM CARRIERS. This phone works on T-mobile, AT&T, and other GSM carriers. Just because you don’t get 3G on AT&T doesn’t render this phone “locked” somehow. Arguing otherwise is sheer stupidity and ignorance.

      Finally, T-mobile doesn’t have horrible coverage and plans. Clearly you’re not familiar with their service. I’ve been with them for 8 years. I’ve traveled all around the country and have only ever lost signal once, for about 5 minutes while I was driving through backwoods Pennsylvania. Their plans are an amazing value. The only real competition on value is Sprint. Verizon and AT&T are overpriced considering I get perfect coverage with T-mo at 60% the cost I’d have on an iPhone or Droid. It’s very clear that you’re clutching at straws to rationalize your jealousy at the amazing deal that we’re getting on T-mobile. Sorry, but that’s not our fault. You shouldn’t have chosen to sign with Verizon or AT&T, and you shouldn’t have chosen to live in some small podunk town with limited coverage. Deal with it.

  • Usman

    For those of you complaining about the unsubsidized price and crying about it being so much, I’ve crunched the numbers to calculate what the “real price” of the phone is when you buy it for $180 and sign a contract for a higher monthly payment. Note that the service you’re paying for is identical… you’re just paying more per month if you buy the phone subsidized.

    Based on that information, using the prices of the 500 minute plans that T-mo offers, the “real price” of the phone when you pay $180 upfront is $660! In other words, by subsidizing the phone, you agree to pay an extra $20 per month for the plan. That equals $480. $480+180=$660.

    Now stop bitching… Google is giving you a DEAL by only charging $530 unlocked and off contract!

    • Robert

      Wow. Do you work for T-Mo or Google? ‘Cause you’re a total whack job.

      Anger management anybody?

      Anybody that would suggest that they’re getting a ‘DEAL’ (in all cap letters even) at this price point with this phone needs professional help.

      I’d say that it’s running pretty much 50-50 on people still happy about this, yet you’re attacking EVERYONE and suggesting that we’re all nuts and insane because we just don’t obviously ‘get it’ like you do.

      • Usman

        First, I didn’t intend to sound angry, but I suppose I see how my comment could be read that way. Secondly, no I do not work for T-mobile or Google (though after law school I’d take a job with Google in a heartbeat). Am I a fan? Yes. That aside, I am basing my comment that this is a deal on the fact that Google could easily have charged more for the unlocked price, as long as it stayed under $660, just like Apple does for the iPhone off contract.

        I call it a deal, because financially speaking it actually works out to cost less at $530 with the EM+ plan than it does at $180 on the EM plan…and yes, if people don’t realize that FACT, then they don’t “get it” like I do. It’s simple mathematics, and numbers don’t lie.

    • Scritz Mcgritz

      OK, over a course of 2 years you will pay $130 extra for getting the phone subsidized. Not a big deal. It is actually financially wiser to go with the subsidized plan than going unsubsidized. Shelling out $530 for a phone is silly when most people could be spending that on more important things like… um I don’t know the gas bill. I mean really saving $60 a year goes unnoticeable. You couldn’t even buy a shirt from Abercrombie with $60, Give me a frigen break!

      • Scritz Mcgritz

        * unnoticed

      • Usman

        Your response illustrates my point, which some others have also made. You’re simply advocating saving some now and paying more later. As I’ve said before, you should look at total cost of ownership, not just the shortsighted initial cash outlay. But what the hell… if you want to spend more money for the same thing you can get for less, then go ahead. I’ll keep my $130.

  • tmobilerep

    you will be able to up your minute package, dont worry… you can change at any time to 500,1000 or unlimited…

    its probably tmo’s way of making money off of overages

  • matt

    iphone off contract (not unlocked/at&t 3g bands): $600
    nexus one off contract (unlocked/tmobile 3g bands): $530

    at$t unlimited everything: $149/month
    tmobile unlimited everything: $79/month

    The value is unquestionable. A full retail price of $530 for a phone like this? C’mon.

    And just to compare the contract prices:
    nexus one: $180 + $79/month for 500 minutes, text and data.
    iphone: $200 + $89/month for 450 minutes, text and data.

    Either way, this is a hell of a deal.

    • Doug


  • marc

    google must be smoking crack , i have a unlocked iphone 16gb i got off ebay and i use the unlimited everything package from my bb curve for 89.99 a month and i talk 500 min in 2 days ,,,they must have been really high when they came up with there pricing and plan details ,,people will never give up there plans for that and pay 530 plus tax thats 2 unlocked iphones for me ,,,,,,,,,,,,. MAYBE NEXT TIME GOOGLE

  • Aly401

    I really really would love to have this phone. BUT I am not going to pay $529 for a phone. That’s ridiculous! And it is only available through Google? Whatever! That’s Crazy. Hopefully the price goes down. Then I will think about it purchasing it. Not to mention the fact that if I buy this phone right now I’ll be force to change my unlimited everything plan for some lousy a** plan with only 500 minutes. Google has to be kidding. Right?

    • David

      I am in total agreement, if anything this makes T-Mo look like greedy shysters to those of us that paid $400 plus for a G1 just several months ago. I like the nexus much better, but there’s no way in hell I’m paying anymore than $300 for it.

  • bill

    YOU CAN GET AN N1 IF YOU ARE ALREADY ON A FAMILY PLAN. I just learned how today. You have to call t-mo to figure it out but after a little expressed disappointment on my end they figured out how to do it. Now I’m debating on if I really want it..but you can do it.

  • Klymiit

    This phone is actually optimized for TMoB3g.

  • bill

    ***Update it’s $379 bucks if you’re an exsisting t-mobile customer with the full discount. Not sure if I like it that much..

  • Mikaela Legace

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  • Cooper Foster

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  • NeedNewMktgPlans

    WIsh they wouldn’t force the 5mb plan on people – it takes away the savings if you’re making people pay an extra $10 a month for 24 months =$240…So if you’re someone who is interested in those phones but don’t need 5gb of data, then the sale actually doesnt work for you.

    • Lacedupchi_ct

      1. dont buy those two phones
      2. um they are giving the phone away the company has to make it up some how and the data plan is it. 

  • CRT24

    There still appears to be questions about this promotion so let me clarify for everyone:

    1. Both classic and value are eligible
    2. New lines must have unlimited minutes Plus qualifying data plan (5gb for amaze and gs2)
    3. Existing customers qualify with at least 22 months since last upgrade on unlimited classic or switch to unlimited value plan both with qualifying data added
    5. If you have more that 6 months left on your existing contract then you will have migration fees to switch to value anywhere from $50.00 to $200.00 per line…..6 months or less left on your existing contract will have no migration fees to switch to value.
    6. There is a stipulation that if you renewed your contract after a certain date due to a rate plan change, and it has been at least 18 months since your last phone discount where you can switch to value without migration fees…..go to your local store and have them check it out for you.

    This is a pretty strait forward sale so just follow the rules and it should work out fine for you but just remember you have to be on an unlimited minute plan with qualifying data and with this sale even the non smartphones have the 200 mb data requirement to get the MIR. I know some people will still complain about this sale but this is a really good promotion. I hope this information is useful to everyone.

  • mike prspr

    HMM, not too long ago i was told by the so called editor of this site that he has the better pulse of Tmo customers after i stated ive seen that Tmo is going to lose ALOT of cutomers due to their billing and CS practices of the last 2 years. VW and sprint are the benificiaries of all of this. Im splitting next month. And as far as handsets, im tired of getting deutch telecoms left overs.

    • David

      I don’t think I’m a “so-called” anything, I am the Editor of the site. Until we see fourth quarter numbers that specify T-Mobile has lost customers because of customer service and not things like th iPhone, I stand by that statement. I would say most people would agree that I have a good pulse on the T-Mobile customer base.

  • William Ingram

    I have the old family fav 5 plan… Looks like I won’t be eligible. 

  • User999991

    What burns me is that many of these promotions require a $10 minimum data plan, which I have, but I have the “Classic” which throttles.  TMobile wants to force me to the “new” $10 plan which charges for overage.  I understand why they would not want to sell the Classic to a new customer, but why for someone who has been a loyal customer for 10 years?

  • Mike

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