HTC HD2 Confirmed for US Carrier–T-Mobile Anyone?


A while back we showed you that nice little leak, where it is clearly pointed out that the HTC HD2 was coming to T-Mobile USA. Today HTC has confirmed that the HTC HD2 will be arriving to the U.S Q1 2010–T-Mobile anyone? And by the looks of it, the HD2 will be sporting Windows Mobile with HTC’s lovely Sense UI. We already have the Touch Pro II, and this would be a great addition to T-Mobile’s Windows Mobile handset lineup. If you missed the unboxing video click here to check it out. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed and hope this bad boy lands on T-Mobile USA early 2010. Feel free to express your thoughts/opinions in the comments! Will you be getting the HD2 if it comes to T-Mobile?


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  • Akulamenuri

    No, I won’t be getting this device. I know HTC and Windows Mobile have been good friends for a number of years but now that Android has arrived its time for you two to go separate ways.

  • Sgt. Cell

    HTC and T Mobile USA, make this happen. You owe me for the outage yesterday!

  • Galen20K

    I cannot wait to play around with this soon! With this and the Possiblity of the SE X10 2010 is going to be an Exciting year for T-Mobile! Now lets just roll out that HSPA+ like PRONTO!

  • ncvaun

    Does anyone know if this phone will be UMA enabled/capable?

  • niididy

    Tmobile flagship-worthy I think!

  • DMC

    As excited as I am about the HD2, I saw one of the videos where it has a heck of a time with regular WinMo apps (the video showed Pocket Informant) since WinMo is not designed for a capacitive screen. Hope this gets fixed.

  • BDot

    Very intriguing device. Now if they only dropped one with Android….

  • Megabonix

    Exactly, drop Android on this phone and i’ll camp out overnight to buy it. WinMo = FAIL.

  • moondog

    X10 is NOT coming to Tmo. HD2 looks good for Tmo though.

    X10 deos NOT have Tmo 3G bands- the initial report was wrong.

    Tmo will NOT offer a $900 phone.

  • eli_the_great89

    Sounds great….now if this really hits T-Mobile….let’s hope they don’t change the body klike they did with the Touch Pro II.

  • adrian

    i’m in for sure. the only device that excites me in a long time.

  • M3M0R13S

    I will be getting this beauty! Sorry folks no andriod on this beauty, only till it get’s modded by some one.

  • alex

    There won’t be any Android on the HD2, the CEO of HTC said so, but if you haven’t used WinMo in a while you should give it a try again. This phone also meets the specs for WinMo7 so you’ll probably be able to upgrade (with the help of xdaDev) when winmo7 comes out.

  • Bill48105

    Here’s to UMA on (almost) every TMobile phone but fat chance at that after they dropped the unlimited wifi-calling option on the new plans. Unfortunately seems TMobile is abandoning UMA and will likely release a femtocell box like all the other carriers. Like Faves, they were probably fearful of abuse and UMA was ripe for that with them not being able to control where you made phone calls from & a logistical nightmare for things like 911. As far as Faves, google voice likely scared the crap out of them but who knows maybe it’ll come back (unlimited add on option I mean not the fancy smancy quick dial crap) but maybe limited to 1000’s of minutes instead of unlimited. Or call it unlimited but have disclaimer in TOS a limit.

  • abi

    I hate to say it but I remmver reading a lil while back that there was a leak of verizon on phones and there was an htc Leo in there system which is the htc hd2. So idk I do know tmobile uk will be getting it but here in the USA might be verizon not tmobile. I may be wrong but we will see

  • Ernie

    I am torn by this!

    Should I get the New Behold 2 coming out or just wait til htc-hd2 Comes out!???

    Anyone help would be great!

  • 30014

    That is one sexy phone. If only it had android instead of winmo.

  • bad_andy313

    @moondog check out phonearena. They they have specs for two different variants of the x10.
    One includes the 1700band umts

  • acsteffy87

    only thing that would really excite me is
    1. Droid
    2. This device with android
    3. iPhone

    just bought the iPhone 2g and even though its an old model its still an amazing device, and its WAY fast compared to android. But Android still has my heart

  • IwantToKnow

    if this device does come to tmo i will get it as long as they dont crap up the phone like they did to the tp2 till this day i still get up set when i see pictures of the verizon version

  • Kickstar13

    Let’s all keep our fingers crossed!

  • Aldo

    I want to get the Nokia N900. The N900 is the phone for me . Nothing even comes close to the Nokia N900.

  • alex

    The Leo is a different device and there is nothing (yet) that points to it showing up on Tmo.

    What did Tmobile do to the TP2, besides a different grill on the back it is identical to the European version.

  • J-Hop2o6

    @ Alex

    he’s prolly talkin about the front with the bottom 4 hard buttons and maybe the ear speaker and the chrome ring..

    but oh well, its still a nice phone with that smooth brown color they put on it.. i should receive mines from UPS in the next couple of hours.. i can’t wait =)

  • Tim

    Love the hardware, hate the OS. Make it work with Android and you’ve got a winner! Til then, I’ll pass.

  • joseph

    so nice, I’m prolly getting 3 or more phones next year, this, xperia x10, and n900

  • JB6464

    @alex , left the 3.5mmm jack off the unit,chose butt ugly brown as the color,and by removing the front bezzel it looks square faced and dull.
    The Leo was a code name for the future HD2,same 4.3 capacitive screen and specs.


    Arriving to the US. Yes. That’s a definite. I heard from my friends who work for AT&T the HD2 will definitely be there. That’s a given. In T-Mobile’s case…..not likely. The carrier notorious for carrying bottom of the barrel handsets will probably pass on this one for something more Sidekick-like.

    As far a UMA goes…you’re phone shouldn’t need the assistance of wifi if T-Mobile expanded coverage areas. UMA is a lame gimmicky feature that only serves as a crutch to the network.

    Keep wishing….your dreams will be Dash’d. Maybe T-Mo will will settle for one of those.

  • Bill48105

    Well perhaps I misspoke & you see the glass as empty.. UMA is SOO much more than you claim. For one, consider getting coverage in areas where there is NO cell coverage, not even TMobile like in remote areas with only internet. Free calling from a hotspot in another country or in the bomb shelter your dad built. Point is WiFi is EVERYWHERE and although UMA isn’t the most ideal solution to increasing coverage consider what you get (got) for $9.99/month. EVERY line on your family plan making unlimited calls as long as on UMA for $10/month! Granted phone selection sucks and battery life drops a lot but that is another story. The alternative is using more minutes, no signal at all (basements, some buildings etc) or femtocells like the other carriers got. Remember that some like Verizon have NO unlimited add-on and ATT is $29/month additional for that (unless you have other ATT services) on top of high-cost special equipment that you need to buy for every location you want additional coverage vs any old wifi router. (imagine buying a $200 femtocell box for every location you want better coverage) And no T-Mobile doesn’t have great coverage in many places but no cell carrier covers everywhere, especially inside thick buildings or in the boonies.

  • Peter

    I am so excited about this phone!

    I am happy that HTC released this phone with Windows Mobile. If it was an android phone definitely I had to pass.

    Many of those friends who went with T-mobile android phones in last 2 year are not happy about it especially after they saw my HTC Touch Pro2. Many people just get excited when something comes out from Google without even knowing anything about it!

    Now that HTC HD2 is Windows Phone I am in without any thinking. Now only if it comes to T-Mobile I will get it for sure!

  • Ernie

    The more I look at it the more I want this baby!!!

  • Todd

    So what will this bad boy cost? I want it, but wont be able to upgrade…hopefully it is under $700, but I doubt it

  • Ernie

    So its coming out on T Mobile for sure right!?

  • Ron

    I’m not a fan of WinMo, but this would be a huge feather in the cap if T-Mobile was to bring this into the fold.

  • chester

    i am excited about the hd2. i hope it comes to t mobile.

  • mike

    Needs to have android AND sense UI then it will be perfect.

    I’m still wondering why all the NICE HTC phones are still overseas. USA’s watered down phones really put a limit to USA’s technology.

    So embarrassing to see people in the UK with plans that have unlimited talk text and data, pay only around 50 US dollars and get the phone for free….go usa….

  • Ron

    I agree with you about UMA. I work in a building where I get very little if any cell phone signal. But with the UMA feature, it allows me to use it as if I was outside the building. It is a feature that I look for now when shopping for phones. It’s a must have.

  • Bill48105

    Exactly. And although femtocell’s are nice in some circumstances do you really think your company would buy one for EACH cell carrier so employees get coverage? Or that every company/business/home will buy one of each carrier’s? Definitely not. WiFi is everywhere so it’s a great solution to expand coverage without proprietary femtocell’s being needed. Now if all the cell companies had compatible femtocell’s then it would be another story but until then UMA is the solution for expanding coverage inside. It would have done much better if more phones had the capability & TMobile would have advertised it better.

  • hi!

    don’t get your hopes up people. When’s the last time honestly that TMobile delivered something of this caliber. There WILL be a catch., either…..
    a) it won’t be for tmobile
    b) it’ll be $6,000
    c) it’ll come out at the end of next year by which time this will be a free prepay device the other carriers are laughing at

  • Voodoo Child

    I really hope tmo get this phone! I need this phone in my life, NOW!

  • just some dude

    Windblows mobile, no thanks ill pass. its all about the android

  • http://non Oz

    As much as I’m gonna hate myself for doing so. I think I’m going to have to leave the android for this phone. This phone is beautiful period.

  • FILA

    can you imagine how much this would cost on the Even more Plus plans now, lol. It has a snapdragon processor, very slick phone but no matter how you flick the screen, its still a WM

  • Todd

    Fingers crossed that T-Mobile doesn’t tweak the design if it does land here….

  • alex

    The 3.5mm headphone jack wasn’t taken off by Tmo, it was added on by some US carriers. I don’t consider picking a color and removing some chrome crapping up a phone. (I’m glad they left the chrome off, in a few months people will be complaining about the chrome starting to chip off)

  • alex

    According to Psot #26 here:

    Someone has handled the prototype of the Tmobile HD2

  • Bruce

    I went into a T-Mobile store yesterday to get my son the Cliq. I have been wanting to get the Touch Pro 2 but when I saw the HD2 I started thinking that I might wait. Well I asked the fellow in the store about the rumored HD2 and he just gave a half smile and said he isn’t allowed to comment. Later I asked about battery life of the Touch Pro 2 because the HD2 spec is up to 12 hours for music play back. He said that the Touch Pro 2 would last about 4 hours. Then oddly, he elaborated and said that the new 1G Snapdragon processor and better battery design and optimized software help get much better use of battery life in the HD2. Hmmm. I am sure he could have read up on the phone on his own but he really seemed curiously versed in the divice and did finally comment saying that if I know anything about the HD2 and were considering getting it, that if I was to hold out I wouldn’t be dissappointed

  • alex

    @Bruce, Sounds like he might have just read up on it online, maybe he even follows this site. I don’t really know how much Tmo tells their employees ahead of time, but hopefully he did have inside info and was giving you a hint.

    It doesn’t seem likely that the HD2 will go to any carriers besides Tmo. All of the big four companies have their high end business phone in the TouchPro2 and Blackberries. Sprint just got the Hero, Verizon is getting the Eris very soon, and ATT has the Iphone exclusively until June. So the three of the big four companies all have their hip/multimedia/young people high end device.

    Right now the only phone Tmo has that can to compete with the Iphone/Eris/Hero is the myTouch, and it is pretty easily outclassed by all three. It makes sense for Tmo to add a high-end phone.

  • JB6464

    @ Alex , i know the 3.5mm jack was’nt taken off. Tmo decided to be in such a hurry to be first to release the TP2 they did’nt include it. So verizon and Sprint’s CDMA version got it after everyone complained they wanted it. Then of course AT&T’s GSM version did’nt get it, they did’nt care because their Iphone is their flagship.
    I know it’s just ones opinion on the chrome bezzel, but to me it looks naked and flat without the rounded edges of the bezzel.
    And lets not forget when you need accessories for Tmo’s version, they won’t be the norm to get.

  • NiiDiddy

    I wish they’d have an Android version – but let’s stop beating a dead horse as it’s not gonna happen! HTC has made that very clear…something similar was posted on this website about it awhile back. Besides they claim they have other future HD2-esque devices that will run the Android OS.

    Having said that I love this phone, and if I can get my hands on it, I’d play with it and see how much further I might like it besides what I have seen/heard.

    Besides that, I think I will remain loyal to Android…