HTC HD2 Confirmed for US Carrier–T-Mobile Anyone?


A while back we showed you that nice little leak, where it is clearly pointed out that the HTC HD2 was coming to T-Mobile USA. Today HTC has confirmed that the HTC HD2 will be arriving to the U.S Q1 2010–T-Mobile anyone? And by the looks of it, the HD2 will be sporting Windows Mobile with HTC’s lovely Sense UI. We already have the Touch Pro II, and this would be a great addition to T-Mobile’s Windows Mobile handset lineup. If you missed the unboxing video click here to check it out. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed and hope this bad boy lands on T-Mobile USA early 2010. Feel free to express your thoughts/opinions in the comments! Will you be getting the HD2 if it comes to T-Mobile?


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  • Huggosz

    No way! why would you want to ruin this phone by dropping android in it???? android is way inferior, ive used it and its too simple too boring too limited, i return my mytouch phone within a few days of purchase and got the tp2 instead, i can flash between roms, install ANY application i want from different places (unlike android limited by only androlib market place and by region) lets just put it like this, if we were all in highschool android would be for 9th graders (self explanatory, simple, easy to use) and windows mobile is made for 12th graders (more advance stuff) I dont expect you to understand, but if you own a later windows mobile phone and you’re a xda developers fan you know what im talking about.

  • Nathan

    Oh yeah, I will be getting this phone. I am so excited for a nice device to finallly be sporting such an awesome OS. Bring it on… Oh, and at any price is fine with me.

  • Relle

    I would definitiey get the HD2 if Tmo left the device in it’s original design. The outer changes of the TP2 was not that big a deal until until I compared it to the other carrier’s version and founf that they also had software removed. So it was not like the european version. I mean something as simple as the program called audio booster (some user’s complained about sound quality). Of course they would remove the MP3 Trimmer because they are big on selling the ringtones and dont want you making your own. I tried out the Verizon version and compared it to the Tmo version. Verizon was better and had maintained most of the european version specs. So, if Tmo butchers the HD2, i would rather buy it unlocked or wait for another carrier to pick it up.

  • John Smith

    AT&T needs to have this phone. It’s amazing. I want it so bad. Down with iphone and up with HTC HD2!

  • meshech

    hey did you get any new news about the htc hd 2

  • Dione


  • Slind

    I called Att customer service and they had no knowledge of the phone, I explained what I was hearing ( about T mobile)on the web and they put me on hold to call HTC. The HTC told the Att cusotumer service person that something exciting was comming to Att( the Tilt II had already been released.) and go to their website . After hearing this I decided to wait on buying an unlocked model. I got this info about 2 weeks ago, if I was not getting my chain yanked then maybe both companies are getting the phone.

    Att cancelled another model from HTC that was to be released “the Lancaster” If they were releasing the HDII it would have killed the Lancaster sales quickly. The Tilt two has a keyboard so it would be different enough to survive.

    Just some thoughts.

  • Anthon

    I would like to know if I purchased an unlocked HTC HD2 would all its features work on T-Mobile USA? I don’t want to wait until next year. If it does not can it be updated one the US gets the phone or will I be stuck with a half working phone? Please help me out I have to have it.

    • Bill48105

      Yeah like Kickstar13 stated everything will work except 3G. I’ve used MANY unlocked phones on both TMo & ATT and the cool thing about GSM was compatibility for GSM/EDGE/GPRS with phones *and* carriers but unfortunately that went to hell with 3G since there are so many different standards around the world. But rest assured if you have an unlocked phone that detects your network & autoconfigures the settings EDGE/GPRS will work assuming you have a compatible data plan. (Otherwise it will still work on other unlocked phones you’ll just have to program in the wap settings) 3G only works if the phone you have supports the 3G bands of your carrier which for TMobile essentially means an official TMobile released phone where ATT has had the luxury of quite a few HTC branded phones that run on their network as well as others like Europe. I am REALLY hoping that LTE will bring on a new day of compatibility & put all this 3G incompatibility crap behind us but somewhere somehow someone will prolly F that up. lol

  • Andy

    Anthon: I’ve asked the same question on another board, I was told that all the functions would work fine, EXCEPT FOR THE 3G IN U.S. So yes, you can get that HTC HD2 and drop in your sim chip and you’ll be good to go with T-mobile (GSM).

    you would have to rely on wi-fi for browsing the internet. I don’t know much else. I still have questions of my own of course. Like for example, how does EDGE work? would I still need 3g for EDGE? or is EDGE something separate??

    Anyways, hope someone with more knowledge in the area can drop by and help. :)

    • Kickstar13

      If you purchase an unlocked HTC HD2, you won’t be able to use 3G data, but will still have access to T-Mobile’s EDGE network. EDGE is a little slower than 3G but you will be able to use all the same features 3G offers, besides the faster internet speeds.

      • grayhawk

        does tmobile have 3g i thought only tmobile’s Edge? well if they do much better

  • grayhawk

    I can’t wait to get my HTC HD2 on my hands….


    YYYYEEEESSSS!!!! I want one!! Been waiting I hope i comes true. Sounds like it will be to late to be a Xmas Miracle. Please come through for us T-Mobile!

    • JT

      I dropped T-Mobile after 6 years with them. I was sick not able to find any decent WM phone with 3G. It took them for ever to come out TP2 which is not my candy and I couldn’t put up with Andriod. I’m sick of buy phone from ebay without any warranty or support. I’ll come back to T-mobile on heartbeat if they ever release any phone like HD2. Hopefully they come through with nice device like HD2 before it is ancient news.

    • JT

      I dropped T-Mobile after 6 years with them. I was sick of not being able to find any decent WM phone with 3G. It took them for ever to come out with TP2 which is not my candy and I couldn’t put up with Andriod. I’m sick of buying phone from ebay without any warranty or support. I’ll come back to T-mobile on heartbeat if they ever release any phone like HD2. Hopefully they come through with nice device like HD2 before it is ancient news.

  • BusterCherry

    Here’s a noob question I hope someone can answer.

    I play internet poker. Is there a phone (ie the HD2 or n900)out there or upcoming that supports any/all software (or vice-versa) like a laptop would for mobile gaming? If not, would an MID or one of the upcoming tablets (archos, apple, etc) allow me to play, or should i consider a netbook for a portable poker station? TY much.

  • JGadget

    when I get a release date i will plan to sleep in front of T-Mobile in order to get mine asap!

  • Forest

    I will switch from ATT to any other carrier who has HTC HD2.

    • Uprising

      Me too. I have a TMObile account, and an ATT. Been with TM for 6yrs, and ATT 3yrs. I’ll drop my ATT and pick up whoever has this phone. Can’t wait.

  • Jray

    wow first The Nexus One NOW this WAY TO GO Tmobile i guess sticking with you for 6 years hasnt a mistake afterall ! IM SOO GLAD where finally getting the types of phones Att and verizon has soo question is.. Nexus One or HTC HD2??

    • Jray

      *wasnt not Hasn’t

  • Bdar

    2 questions:
    1) I’m with ATT and will likely switch to whomever gets the HD2, but I’ve heard bad things about TMobile in my area. Supposedly they share lots of coverage with Sprint, and if you are in both’s area, Sprint’s towers win out and you’re considered roaming even if in your own house. Anyone know how TMo’s coverage works or if they are purchasing Sprint as I’ve also heard rumored?

    2) If this phone only comes out for TMobile in the US, and I then get an unlocked US version, will the 3G work on other US networks?

  • Naveed

    This a gr8 phone, reading about the specs this is going to rock the 2010 mobile world

  • coolfx35

    I’m from Sweden and I’ve had my HTC HD2 for more than one month now.
    Do you know there was a special forum dedicated for our beloved phones, yes, it’s
    The HTC Hd2 is my third HTC device and man it’s great! I knew it had twice the clock speed compared to my Diamond but could never imagine the difference to be that huge.

    Anyway, I know a little bit about WM and can hopfully help people.

  • yoyo

    Hell yess thaat phone is sick! buhh come on anything buhh Tmobile!..if it really juss comes out on that carrier thats gunna SUCK!!

  • Jake Hawkes

    I just ditched my Incite for the Tilt 2 (AT&T) All I can say is WOW this is a better phone! I see lots of messages here regarding the TP2, is this a different phone completely, or is it just the Verizon version of the same phone with slightly different interface? Was there a Tilt 1? I am trying to get accessories and want to make sure I don’t buy the wrong stuff.