Behold 2 and Blackberry 9700 Price Sheets Leak


We already had  a little inkling the upcoming BlackBerry Bold 9700 would come with a $199.99 2-year commitment price tag. According to the price sheet we’ve leaked above, you can pick up a brand new BlackBerry Bold 9700 for $199.99 of course, with a 2-year commitment. If you dislike contracts (I wouldn’t blame you) the Bold 9700 will be available on November 16th for  a $449.99 retail price. If you want to sign up with one of T-Mobile’s new Even More Plus plans you can divide the $449.99 retail price into 20 easy payments of  $22.50/month.

The Samsung Behold 2 will also be available for the same $199.99 2-year commitment price tag and the same $449.99 retail price. Once again if you want to sign up with one of T-Mobile’s nifty new Even More Plus plans you can divide the retail price into 20 easy payments of $22.50/month. Did I mention no interest? The Behold 2 is expected to launch on November 18th. How are the prices looking? Too high, or reasonable? Leave your thoughts in the comments! Larger image after the jump!


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  • Danno Ferrin

    The Droid may have a largest screen and the Cortex A8, but I dispute the classier build statement. And I am one to talk, I had the dDroid all of 28 hours before I returned it to Verizon because the slider mechanism tends to be loose and open up in pockets and the keyboard was so bad I found myself preferring the virtual keyboard. And the capacitive buttons are too close to the edge, I continually was accidentally pressing the search button while.

    What I am looking for is no keyboard and hardware buttons (and a 3.5mm jack). That leaves the Sprint Hero and Behold II. I have yet to see the AMOLED screen, but it looks to be the winner for me right now.

    • watbetch

      I don’t know what they we’re thinking when they decided against a nice spring loaded slider mechanisim.. but the materials used are nicer.

  • Daniel

    I spoke with the Blackberry rep at TMo this morning, and they confirmed general availability of the 9700 on Monday, Nov 16. I begged, but at this time they have no pre-order option.

  • Kickstar13

    I would have liked the Bold 9700 to be priced at $149.99 with 2 year commitment, and T-Mobile to drop the price on the 8900 to $99.99 w/2year commitment. But really I don’t mind the prices, $50 more and we have the cheapest plans of all the major carriers. So in the long run its actually cheaper.

  • Yaniv C

    @GreenTea I bought the Cliq for my wife and I don’t know exactly what motorola did, the phone has the same processor as my old myTouch but it has a little more RAM. Well I guess that little more ram makes a HUGE difference… her phone FLIES. Its so fast compared to the mT3G its not even funny. Everything loads fast and moves fast.
    The Behold 2 is such a disappointment Samsung ought to bow its head in shame.. disgusting.
    The N900 looks like a nice phone but Im hedging my bets on Android. I actually jumped ship to VZW for the Droid and I can tell ya definitely its either love or hate. I love it! The physical keyboard sucks… but its thin enough that it doesnt matter to me. What is impressive is how fast it is and the screen is massive. Its huge and gorgeous. Definitely worth the jump for me.
    I gave TMo 3 years to get a phone I would “love”… had the G1 AND the mT3G… great phones but not “love”.
    Besides the fact the TMo decided to screw everyone that bought the mT3G by importing the cheaper 192 MB ram version instead of the same pne the rest of the world has. Now they planned on bringing the mT3G Fender… its the phone that SHOULD have been here… and mysteriously its been delayed due to “cosmetic” reasons. B.S. they know they would have has a shit storm if they brought it in 3 months after the mT3G.

  • Pauleyfresh

    Question for the crowd…will the following plan work?

    I am a current T-Mobile user with a crappy blackberry on a corporate t-mobile account. My company will not foot the bill for a new device.

    I purchase the Behold 2 on the 20 month payment plan and sign up for a new number on the $60 “Even More Plus” plan (500 Anytime Mins, Unlimited Web & Messaging). After one month, I terminate my “Even More Plus” plan but continue to make the payments on the Behold 2. I then swap the device registered on the corporate account to the Behold 2.

    Appreciate anyone’s input.

    • Kickstar13

      When you terminate your Even More Plus plan, you are required to immediately pay the remaining balance in full.

    • Will

      You will have to change the account from blackberry data to android data which you will need the authorized users password or last four of their SS# to do.

  • BerryNut

    As the new owner of the BB8900(5days)Ive been pretty happy….until I sat next to a buddy and did a side by side comparison of my edge network to his 3G. Im no longer happy. Looks like its off to the T-Mo store this Monday to upgrade to the BB9700.

    • BronxBebe

      You still have 14 days to return the BB 8900 yes? I’d go return it now get credit or how ever it works so you can get the BB 9700. Can’t wait to get mine cos I do a lot of business in media and the SKL09 well we all know about that,lol..

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  • josh

    hey guys…are they not offering a 1 year contract? i upgraded to the 8900 back in february and with 1 year contract’s they allow new phones every 8 months. I paid an extra $50 for the phone to have access to getting out of the contract when a better phone came out because EDGE is just too slow for me now. anybody know if they are still doing the 1 year?

    • Kickstar13

      Yes they are still offering the 1-year contracts. Just go into your nearest T-Mobile retail store tomorrow and upgrade with a 1 year contract. It will be around $50 more than the $199.99 2Year contract price.

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