Is T-Mobile Losing Their (Android) Thunder?

Google and Verizon announce partnership, love and new Android handsets to result
As some of you may know, there have been a bunch rumors (that are less rumor and more fact) about Verizon’s upcoming Android phone, the Motorola Sholes.  Well, Verizon and Google went semi-official and announced their (somewhat unlikely) partnership today.  While these companies have had disputes in the past, everything seems to be just peachy now.  In a press call, Verizon and Google said that they will be showing off two (so the Sholes and I am guessing something from HTC) Android phones in the coming weeks, at least one of which is supposed to be a “game changer.”  Not only that, but Verizon is taking a step back from controlling their phones and becoming an “open carrier” by allowing Google Voice and, of course, the Android Market.  Sure, none of this sounds like T-Mobile news, but think about the impact this could have on T-Mobile’s Android sales (and thunder), especially given that Sprint is also making a move with the Hero.  With this, I leave you to make your own opinions and share them in the comments–and you will see my ramblings on the matter soon.  In other words, think of this as an open comment day.

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  • JohnnyB


  • mo

    We need 3g in ky!

  • Adrian

    I don’t understand how T-Mobile became such a loser when it comes to Android.For the love of god android is on all their main smart phones, and now the other two big companies Verizon and Sprint are getting better Android phones plus they have phones like the Palm Pre, and the BB Touch. I mean really what the hell, Verizon is getting Android 2.0 and Sprint is getting the best Android phone currently out the HTC Hero. While T-Mobile is getting the goddam Motorola Cliq :( I just don’t understand it are the T-Mobile ceo’s on crystal meth, what the hell are they going to do? Yeah and i get that T-Mobile is the only company in the US that has android phones currently common the MyTouch is not a big improvement over the G1, and they had a year to come up with a great device.

  • 30014

    @Adrian…u damn near took the words out of my mouth. How can u blow a 1 year head start over your competitors. Tmo better damn well make sure the g1v2 is better than the sholes. I’ll give them that long to see how they respond to this situation. And no the cliq is not a response. If we get another weak ass phone aimed at teens then I’m going to say to hell with it and just pay the extra 20 dollars a month and go to vz.

  • Moblow

    Everyones getting the Hero except Tmo. Whats up with that?!?!?! Next thing you know is that Metro will get it. Love Tmo but they need to get their act together and get some good phones. They are going to loose their Android edge!

  • CrazyRussian

    Really, really? I don’t understand the whining. The Motorola Sholes is nothing to get excited about, basic Android 1.6 with a 5 MP camera which goes to waste with the current camera software for Android. It’s also a CDMA phone which means bigger, bulkier device, and making it square is not going to make it pocket friendly; even the iPhone rounds the corners. T-Mobile did have a year to jump ahead on the competition with the Android phones but, let’s be honest, the software was too new to have any phone which could blow the competition out of the water. The Open Handset Alliance was never meant to be carrier specific, and while Verizon and Sprint are trying to figure out what it means to have an open platform handset, T-Mobile will already have a year’s worth of experience writing software and producing phones.

  • eYe


    Really? Sholes only has (out of all current offerings) bigger screen, more ram, better processor, better camera with (!) flash and 3.5mm headphone jack. May be now you can understand the whining.

  • J

    A few points :

    1. Getting into the Android game a year ahead in no way guarantees a larger cell company won’t bully to the front to get the best device. Verizon has more muscle in the US than any other carrier.

    2. Generally there is always a better handset just a month or two out. Sometimes you just have to chose a phone that is ready for mass production when you need it.

    3. No one knows what other devices T-Mobile may have in their sights currently. Perhaps T-Mobile is pushing away from Google a bit due to Google’s constraints on the UIs such as Sense.

    4. T-Mobile does not design or make handsets. I am sure they have some input, but no one here knows to what extent. Is it limited to color and form factor? Or do they have a say in memory and processor?

  • 30014

    @crazyrussian….the sholes is rumored to launch with eclair(2.0) not donut(1.6).

  • cougle

    t-mobile is getting the iphone. Why do you think they are upgrading to hspa+? Look at Bell in Canada, they upgraded their 3g network and boom they have the iphone. People will be leaving att and droves when the hspa+ iphone comes out next year.