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T-Mobile Implementing New System to Confirm SIM Swap Requests

With the prevalence of SIM swap scams, it’s high time that carriers finally do something about them. It looks like T-Mobile is addressing this concern.  The Mobile Report recently obtained a document that discusses the upcoming changes T-Mobile has in store for approving SIM swaps. The document reveals two big changes that T-Mobile has in store. The first is a new system called Account Change Engine (ACE). … [read full article]

Report: T-Mobile Employees Getting Offers for SIM Swap Participation

SIM swapping issues continue to be a problem that many consumers experience everyday. Despite the numerous warnings that carriers send out to their customers, scammers continue to come up with new ways they can victimize people.  Recently, The Mobile Report shared that a bad actor is using employee data from T-Mobile to victimize employees. Several Redditors have reported their experience of receiving texts with a cash offer … [read full article]

T-Mobile Customer Shares His SIM Swap Attack Experience

SIM swap attacks are always a scary scenario for wireless customers. Thieves can walk into a store and pretend to be the owner of the SIM and get away with a new one. After that, they already have access to everything the owner has– bank accounts, email, and security questions.  One T-Mobile customer recently shared his SIM swap experience on Reddit. While he was at home, he received … [read full article]

Some T-Mobile customers on Samsung devices experiencing service disconnection

Select T-Mobile customers are currently experiencing a bug that disconnects their existing service lines.  The affected customers have turned to Reddit to voice their concerns. And as shared by The T-Mo Report, an internal document confirms the bug. It turned out that customers who purchased their device directly from Samsung’s website for their T-Mobile line are experiencing … [read full article]