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Some T-Mobile customers on Samsung devices experiencing service disconnection

Select T-Mobile customers are currently experiencing a bug that disconnects their existing service lines.  The affected customers have turned to Reddit to voice their concerns. And as shared by The T-Mo Report, an internal document confirms the bug. It turned out that customers who purchased their device directly from Samsung’s website for their T-Mobile line are experiencing … [read full article]

Former T-Mobile store owner found guilty of unlocking phones illegally

A former T-Mobile store owner has been found guilty of unlocking “hundreds of thousands of cellphones” using stolen credentials. Even more surprisingly, the man, Argishti Khudaverdyan, was able to make millions out of this scheme.  Earlier today, PCMag reported that Khudaverdyan used various tactics to unlock customers’ cell phones between August 2014 to June 2019. A previously filed indictment revealed that Khudaverdyan earned approximately $25 million … [read full article]