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T-Mobile extends free unlimited high-speed data in Brazil for Paralympic Games

Any T-Mobile customers lucky enough to be in Rio de Janeiro for the Olympics are enjoying free unlimited high-speed data. And today T-Mo announced that anyone traveling to the Paralympics will get the same. T-Mobile is extending its offer of free unlimited high-speed data for customers in Brazil through September 18. That means that Simple Choice postpaid customers in Rio for the Paralympic Games will have unlimited high-speed data, just like the folks down there … [read full article]

T-Mobile giving free unlimited high-speed data to customers traveling to Rio 2016 Olympics

T-Mobile customers traveling to Europe this summer are getting free unlimited high-speed data, and now T-Mo has announced that customers traveling to the Olympics next month will be getting a gift of their own. T-Mobile‚Äôs Brazil Unleashed promo will give free unlimited high-speed data to all Simple Choice postpaid customers traveling to Brazil for the 2016 Olympic Games. Customers will also get free calls from Brazil to the U.S., and thanks to Simple Global, they … [read full article]