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T-Mobile CTO Shares Optimism Over Network Slicing 

Earlier today, T-Mobile CTO John Saw posted a blog on how the carrier’s recent network slicing deployment improved the experience of subscribers. Even though the Las Vegas Grand Prix (LVGP) saw over 300,000 attendees, its network was more than capable to meet their needs over the four-day event. Saw attributes this to its slicing boom.  The executive shared how T-Mobile’s network slicing was able to connect 230 concessionaire payment terminals at the LVGP. And thanks to it … [read full article]

T-Mobile Rolls Out 5G Network Slicing Beta for Developers

Earlier today, T-Mobile announced its new 5G network slicing beta for developers. This is a new technology they are offering to developers who want to “supercharge” their video calling apps with 5G SA. This rollout makes T-Mobile as the leader for game-changing capability for developers.  Along with this, T-Mo has invited developers to sign up to test its network for their video calling apps. This is particularly exciting for apps that need consistent uplink and downlink speeds … [read full article]