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T-Mobile Postpones 2G Shutdown Date

Most people these days have already made the switch to a 5G-enabled smartphone, especially since manufacturers have started to release budget-friendly options. Despite this, there are still some people who use 2G phones. The ones that do are currently using T-Mobile’s 2G network since Verizon and AT&T have shut down their networks years ago. T-Mobile also originally planned to shutdown its 2G network on April 2. But it looks like the Un-carrier has changed its mind.  [read full article]

T-Mobile Finally Sets a Date for 2G GSM Network Shutdown

Would you believe that it’s been three decades since 2G rolled out in the US? Ever since that time, lots of things have changed. And as wireless carriers in the country have started to move on to 5G, it’s only natural to say goodbye to this old wireless connectivity standard.  Both AT&T and Verizon have long phased out their 2G networks. T-Mobile is finally following this move as it switches off 2G in the US.  [read full article]

T-Mobile will be shutting off its 2G network in April 2024

If you’re still using T-Mobile’s 2G GSM network, you may need to update your device to a newer one– even if it’s just a 4G smartphone. This is because T-Mobile will be switching off its 2G GSM network on April 2, 2024.  On its website, the Un-carrier explained this move as: “Across the industry, wireless companies have retired older network technologies as part of an … [read full article]