T-Mobile Takes Lead in Ookla’s Latest 5G Speed Test

According to the latest 5G speed test from Ookla, T-Mobile ranks number one in the US. This is, of course, expected since the wireless carrier was finally able to use the 2.5GHz mid-band spectrum it won from the FCC auction a few years ago. Thanks to President Biden’s 5G SALE Act, T-Mobile was able to increase its 5G capacity in rural areas of the country. 

As a result, T-Mobile’s U.S. median download speed increased by 29.64Mbps. T-Mobile earned 82 points for streaming over 5G. Meanwhile, its rivals scored 80 points (Verizon) and 75 points (AT&T). But when it comes to 5G gaming experience, Verizon takes the lead with 88 points followed by T-Mobile (87 points) and AT&T (84 points). 

Considering T-Mobile still has a pending US Cellular acquisition, this will further increase the Un-carrier’s 5G lead over its rivals. 

You can read the rest of Ookla’s report here.

Source: PhoneArena

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