T-Mobile Now Displays Its “Nutrition Labels” for Broadband Service

Internet service providers (ISPs), including T-Mobile, are now required to display its broadband facts. This is a mandate from new federal regulations requiring such companies to be transparent with their wired and wireless broadband services. 

Dubbed on the internet as “nutrition labels,” these aim to let consumers know what their broadband service includes. 

When T-Mobile announced this at the start of the month, it was easy to think it was part of their April Fool’s prank. After all, they announced it on April 1. But now that more details have been unveiled by other sources, we can confirm that these “nutrition labels” are real. 

Although these labels are not expected to get rid of hidden charges right away, they will make it harder to conceal them. The FCC says that this will help get rid of surprises on monthly bills. Consumers can also use these labels to compare the plans offered by different providers so they can choose the best option for them. 

Apart from T-Mobile, Google Fi and Verizon have already published their broadband labels. More ISPs are expected to follow soon. 

Source: Android Authority

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