Report: T-Mobile is Working on a New Mesh Node

It looks like T-Mobile is working on a new mesh node. 

As spotted in a recent FCC filing, the Un-carrier is trying to get new mesh Wi-Fi nodes approved by the FCC. The document was shared by The Mobile Report, which details the new “T-Mobile Internet Wi-Fi Mesh Access Point” for the unit with model number “WE6204430.” 

The publication did not reveal too much information about the mesh node. But they shared that the unit appears to be a “round plastic unit standing vertically on a stand.” This is a speculation made by the report so we’ll have to wait for the official launch of the mesh node. 

Ever since T-Mobile rolled out its Home Internet service, it has released four gateway models. This mystery unit could be the fifth model that T-Mobile will be offering. But as of this writing, we know very little about it. The FCC filing shares that the hidden documents will likely be unsealed on April 30 so we’ll have to keep an eye on it when it gets unveiled.

Source: The Mobile Report

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