T-Mobile, Ericsson Ink New Partnership for Private Network Technology to Companies

Ericsson announced a new partnership with T-Mobile for its internal Enterprise Virtual Cellular Network (EVCN) pilot in the US. With the agreement, T-Mobile serves as the 5G connectivity provider for Ericsson. This will be done through Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) capabilities for the 5G laptops of Ericsson’s employees. 

Ericsson is developing EVCN as a managed IT service that will give enterprises their own 5G virtual network. Once this is deployed, the service will allow companies to have a dependable and secure corporate network connection when they are working remotely. 

The 5G laptops that connect to T-Mobile’s networks will automatically be authorized through the eSIM provided by the company. This way, employees can work anywhere without worrying about cyberattacks or other vulnerabilities. 

This technology hopes to help the growing number of Americans who are estimated to work remotely in 2025. The estimate is that this number will reach 32.6 million, which equates to around 22% of the workforce. 

If you would like to learn more about this partnership, you can visit this page.

Source: T-Mobile

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