Report: T-Mobile Customers Discover Glitch to Unlock Unpaid Samsung Devices


There’s always a catch when you buy a new smartphone from a carrier instead of directly from the manufacturer. While these phones may seem to give a discount or even offer it for free with a plan, it also means that you’ll be stuck with the carrier until you pay off the device. And understandably, carriers do this to deter fraud so it’s usually a Win-Win scenario. 

Earlier today, however, it looks like T-Mobile customers found a way to unlock their Samsung devices without paying them off. This is, of course, thanks to a weird software glitch discovered by several Redditors. Even The Mobile Report has jumped on the hack to verify if it can be trusted.  

Although there are several publications that have already reported on this matter and shared the steps on how to do it, we must warn you that this is a violation of your agreement with T-Mobile. That said, we will not share the steps on how you can “permanently” unlock your unpaid Samsung device. 

What we can assure you, however, is that this is a software glitch that is currently available at this time of writing. Once you unlock the device, it will also show up that way on your T-Mobile account. 

If you decide to try the steps to unlock your device, it may not even work at this time, depending on how quickly T-Mobile and Samsung will respond to the glitch. It also appears to only work on certain Samsung devices that are locked to T-Mobile’s network. 

Again, we do not advise you to try unlocking your device this way as you may face consequences from breaking your TOS. 

Source: The Mobile Report

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