T Life’s First Physical Giveaway for 2024 is No Ordinary Notebook

Just before the weekend came, T-Mobile rolled out its update for its T Life app. This app took over the T-Mobile Tuesdays app that originally offered rewards to customers every Tuesday. The new app came as an all-in-one solution for several products and services that the Un-carrier offered.

While many users were able to update the app on their phones, there are some Android users who still have not been updated to the new app. Despite this, the Un-carrier already has plans for its first physical giveaway for 2024. 

As shared by The Mobile Report, the first physical item that will be given away comes in the form of a notebook. While many may think that it’s a simple lined notebook, there’s actually more to it than what it looks like. 

The notebook is actually T-Mobile’s way of celebrating Black History Month, which happens every February.  The cover design on the notebook was designed by Sabrena Khadija. A brief description about the artist/illustrator can be found inside the cover:

Sabrena Khadija is “a Maryland-based, Sierra-Leonean American artist and illustrator. As a Black non-binary artist, Sabrena takes price in creating work that helps others feel seen and inspired. Through their avid exploration of shape, color, nature, and the human spirit, they seek to create art that sparks joy and thought in meaningful and impactful ways.”

Aside from the notebook, T-Mobile has included a sticker page with some inspirational messages. There’s also a magenta string that holds the notebook in place. 

Right now, there’s no word on when this notebook will be available. But the site believes it could be released on February 13th. You can check for an update from your T Life app. 

Source: The Mobile Report

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