Report: T-Mobile No Longer Testing Forced Migrations (For Now)

Recently, T-Mobile unveiled its Q3 2023 Earnings Report where it showed customer growth for the postpaid brand. At the said event, T-Mobile CEO, Mike Sievert, gave an update regarding its planned forced migrations. 

As The Mobile Report revealed, the Un-carrier has scrapped its plans for these migrations. Sievert pointed out that they received backlash over the “erroneous context” found in their leaked internal documents. 

Sievert was quoted saying:

“We tend to do tests and pilots of things quite a bit to try to figure out what’s the right answer. In this case we had a test cell to try to understand customer interest in and acceptance of migrating off old legacy rate plans to something that’s higher value for them and for us.

And we had planned to test and did some training around that. And then it leaked, and it leaked as if it was a broad national thing, and it kind of wasn’t. Now, I don’t know that we have to do that test because we did get plenty of feedback thanks to the erroneous context of the leak, and I think we’ve learned that particular test cell isn’t something that our customers are going to love.”

Despite scraping the plan for forced migrations, T-Mobile’s President of Marketing, Strategy, and Products, Mike Katz, said that they plan to continue with the tests. 

“We conduct tests and pilots all the time. And we will continue to do so because we still think there’s opportunities both to deliver more value for customers in a bunch of different ways… So I would expect to see more of those kinds of tests from us.”

This was agreed by Sievert who cleared that while the initial test won’t continue, they are still “very interested in rationalizing” the legacy rate plans. He also says that they will “probably do something different.” 

Hopefully, T-Mobile’s next plans will not be something that will discourage its customers. 

Source: The Mobile Report 

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