T-Mobile Rolls Out SASE Solution to Businesses

Earlier today, T-Mobile unveiled a new network management and ZITNA (Zero Trust Network Access) platform called T-Mobile SASE. Through this new platform, customers can securely connect employees, systems, and endpoints to remote networks, resources and corporate applications. 

This is the first SIM-based SASE solution and the first to offer a secure network slice dedicated to its traffic. 

With T-Mobile SASE, users have access to T-SIMsecure, the first SIM-based SASE solution that T-Mobile created with Versa Networks. This makes use of International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) and International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) for clientless authentication. 

Through this, devices that connect to T-Mo’s network get automatic authorization via the SIM card. This simplifies the job of IT and security teams. Devices that don’t include a T-Mobile SIM may still download and set up the SASE device client, no matter what carrier or Wi-Fi network you use. 

Here’s what you can get from T-Mobile SASE:

  • Private Access uses a modern ZTNA-based approach to VPN that provides devices with secure, direct, least privileged access — so employees only get corporate network access to the applications and data they need to get work done from anywhere.
  • Secure Internet Access includes features like web filtering (secure web gateway), protection for SaaS applications (Cloud Access Security Broker) and advanced IT network security (next-gen firewall).

In the announcement, T-Mobile revealed that they will be offering the new T-SIMsecure, SASE device client, Private Access, Secure Internet Access, and T-Mobile Security Slice to businesses and organizations before the year ends. 

You can read more about this technology here.

Source: T-Mobile

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