T-Mobile Unveils New Plan that Lets You Upgrade Your Phone Every Year

If you’re in the habit of changing your smartphone every year, T-Mobile has a new plan that might interest you. The plan, called Go5G Next, was just unveiled today as a $100 per month plan for a single line of service. This makes it a bit more expensive compared to the $90 per month Go5G Plus plan that the Un-carrier revealed this year. To note, the latter comes with bi-annual upgrades. 

The two share similar features, including:

  • Unlimited calls and texts
  • Unlimited mobile data
  • 50GB of mobile hotspot data
  • Apple TV Plus
  • Netflix Basic (or Standard if you’re under a family plan)

With Go5G Next, users won’t be qualified to upgrade their device until half of the device’s price has been paid off. Since T-Mo’s device financing plans are spread in a 24-month period, this essentially means that users will have a year to pay off this amount before they can upgrade their device.  

Go5G Next is being marketed as an option to the plans that come with a three-year lock from other carriers. And T-Mo says this is the first wireless plan to offer this service. 

In the announcement, T-Mobile CEO, Mike Sievert, said:

“While the Carriers try to lock you in and limit your choices, T-Mobile continues to double down on value and deliver even more options, so everyone has a plan that works for them. At T-Mobile, we’re focused on giving customers the best network, best value and best experience—and that means upgrading on your terms. Go5G Next brings more flexibility and freedom to wireless and another end to longer-than-you-want device contracts.”

T-Mobile’s Go5G Next plans will be available starting Thursday, August 24th. For a limited time period, customers can get a discount on a third line of service for just $60/line per month with AutoPay enabled. 

For more information on Go5G Next, visit this page

Source: T-Mobile