T-Mobile Now Offers Almost 99% Coverage in Pennsylvania

T-Mobile has unveiled good news to its customers residing in Pennsylvania. 

According to its press release, the Un-carrier has made a significant investment in its 5G wireless network throughout the state. As a result, customers can experience enhanced coverage in over 37,000 square miles. The new network improvement also covers almost 99% of the state’s population. 

The release revealed that this has been an ongoing project for T-Mobile. The Un-carrier started improving the networks in the state in 2021. And since then, they’ve been able to add more than 700 new towers. They have also upgraded over 3,000 towers across the state to accommodate the growth of 5G. 

This growth has also led to the opening of more retail stores in the state. To date, there are now over 240 retail locations in Pennsylvania. The Un-carrier plans to open more in 2023 and 2024. 

This is just the start for T-Mobile as they continue to make new installations and upgrade existing towers through the rest of the year. 

T-Mobile’s Senior Vice President for Field Engineering, Edwige A. Robinson, said:

“Pennsylvanians are experiencing notable enhancements in wireless infrastructure, thanks to collaborative partnerships with local and state agencies and entities. The recent expansion of our 5G network across the state allows us to deliver enhanced wireless capabilities to individuals, families and businesses, furthering our commitment to improving the customer experience.”

To view the full list of counties in Pennsylvania that are getting expanded coverage, you can visit this page.

Source: T-Mobile