T-Mobile Starts Implementing Charge for In-store Bill Payments

Lately, T-Mobile has applied some changes to its fees. The most recent change they have done is to remove the Autopay discount on those who chose to pay with a credit card. Today, however, they have implemented another change that seems to have surprised a lot of customers. 

According to The Mobile Report, T-Mobile has started charging customers a $5 (plus tax) fee for making a bill payment in-store. The reason behind this charge is that T-Mo prides itself as a “digital-enabled” company. Most of its customers are already opting to pay online or via autopay. As a result, customers who pay in-store will have to pay the $5 (plus tax) fee. 

The report revealed that the fee will be implemented to postpaid customers starting July 19th. Prepaid customers will be charged this at a later date. 

But according to an update from the publication, several T-Mobile employees shared that they’ve been yelled at by customers for the in-store charge. Hopefully, T-Mobile will be able to appease these customers in the future.

Source: The Mobile Report