T-Mobile Sends Out Reminder to Customers Regarding Upcoming Autopay Changes

Back in February, there were reports that T-Mobile will be implementing changes to its autopay discount. The Un-carrier is now sending out a notification to users to remind them to make the necessary changes if they wish to keep enjoying the discount. 

The report was first shared by The Mobile Report (then called The T-Mo Report). According to the publication, T-Mobile will be limiting the autopay discount to customers who pay via a debit card or bank account. Customers who use a credit card to pay their bill will no longer be able to enjoy the autopay discount. 

The original report revealed that the change will be implemented starting May 16th. And in today’s report, The Mobile Report shared that T-Mo is giving its customers up to June 20th to make changes to their autopay transactions. 

Customers have also received a text and email reminder about the upcoming autopay changes. So if you are still using a credit card to pay your bill, you’ll only have until Tuesday, June 20th to change this. Otherwise, you’ll lose your discount. 

Did you receive a notification from T-Mobile today?

Source: The Mobile Report