Mint Mobile increases data on plans without raising prices

Shortly after announcing that it will be acquired by T-Mobile, Mint Mobile has increased the data allotment on its plans without raising their prices. 

Starting Friday, April 14th, customers under the T-Mobile MVNO will be able to enjoy these new data allotments on their plans:

  • $15/month plan – comes with 5GB of LTE/5G data per month (previously only 4GB/month)
  • $20/month plan – comes with 15GB of LTE/5G data per month (previously only 10GB/month)
  • $25/month plan – comes with 20GB of LTE/5G data per month (previously only 15GB/month)
  • $30/month plan – comes with 40GB of LTE/5G data and 10GB of hotspot data per month (previously only 35GB and 5GB of hotspot data per month)

More importantly, this data boost will be available to existing Mint Mobile customers. The new data allotment will refresh on the plans of existing customers after April 14th so there’s no further action that needs to be done. 

As shared by @ValKatayev (via PhoneArena), Mint Mobile already sent an email to its customers informing them of the new changes: 

“Starting 4/14, we’re increasing the amount of data on your plan – and just like last time we did it, at no cost to you. There’s nothing you need to do … except get ready to have more data for curating playlists, binging new shows and upping your selfie game. Your upgrade will go into effect when your monthly data refreshes after 4/14.” 

Back in March, T-Mobile announced that it will acquire Mint Mobile and Ultra Mobile for $1.35 billion. The deal is expected to close by the end of the year.

Source: PhoneArena