T-Mobile’s social media customer service team forms union

It looks like T-Mobile’s social media customer service team is trying to form its own union. The group announced the creation of the “T-Force Social Care Alliance” on Wednesday. The first item on their list is for management to express more responsibility on issues like pay cuts and layoffs.

In the letter released on social media, the group alleged that T-Mo cut monthly bonuses for them and replaced these with “micro-raises” and an annual bonus. The group also expressed that it’s possible that workers could face job loss or thousands of dollars less per year. 

One of the members shared an email to The Verge and expressed his concern:

“We believe T-Mobile’s senior leadership stopped prioritizing the best interest of its front-line employees. The primary purpose of forming this union is to protect ourselves from further pay cuts and layoffs during unprecedented economic hardships; which may include collective bargaining contracts.”

Hopefully, T-Mo addresses the needs of its employees soon. Source: The Verge