T-Mobile stores lose access to Sprint’s systems

It looks like T-Mobile is quietly getting rid of the remnants of Sprint that it acquired in its 2020 merger. The latest move, as reported by The T-Mo Report is that they have started getting rid of Sprint’s systems in its stores. 

The report shared some documents from Tech Life Channel that detail what T-Mo is currently doing with Sprint systems. The documents give a detailed process that T-Mo store employees are intended to follow when these systems are retired. 

According to the documents, Sprint customers will be directed by employees to a nearby T-Mo store that still has access to Sprint’s systems. They also need to advise the customer to get in touch with customer support or use self-service options. 

For legacy Sprint owners, this may seem like an inconvenience; especially since they’ll have to drive to another store instead. 

On the other hand, this change brings about an advantage to employees since they no longer have to use Sprint’s systems. They also have just one unified list of promotions to focus on. 

But eventually, this is part of T-Mobile’s plan. All T-Mo stores will eventually lose access to Sprint’s systems. It’s possible that this will happen in 2023. 

Source: The T-Mo Report 

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