T-Mobile ending Japan Plan add-on for Sprint customers

Bad news to Sprint customers with the Japan Plan add-on. It looks like the add-on will no longer be available to purchase starting tomorrow, August 11th. 

This comes from The T-Mo Report, who revealed the information from a leaked document earlier. The document revealed that the Sprint Japan Roaming Add-on will be ending on September 15th. This means that you can still use the add-on until that time. However, customers will not be able to buy the add-on anymore.

The Japan Plan add-on is a crowd-favorite add-on since it offers talk, text, and data roaming in Japan for $5 per month. T-Mo plans to send out a text notification to customers affected by this change. Once the add-on expires, roaming in Japan will now be covered by the standard international roaming that comes with customers’ plans. Customers will still be able to enjoy free texting. Voice minutes, on the other hand, will be charged at $0.25 per minute. Additionally, data prices and availability will depend on the customer’s plan. 

As revealed in the report, Sprint customers that have switched to a TNX (T-Mobile SIM) are eligible for 5GB of high-speed data in Japan under Sprint MAX, Unlimited Plus, Unlimited Premium, or MAX UP with Sprint ONE. Meanwhile, customers who do not have these plans or have not switched to TNX will only get 256kbps unlimited data. 

If you are a customer that will be affected by this change, you can expect to receive a text notification by tomorrow. 

Source: The T-Mo Report

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