T-Mobile offering up to $800 off on select Samsung flagship models

To date, the Samsung Galaxy S22 series is still the top-of-the-line device that the South Korean manufacturer has released. Its successor, the rumored Galaxy S23 series, has not yet been confirmed for release. And if possible, it could be released in February next year. 

After being in the market for nearly four months, the Galaxy S22 is still a sought after device. T-Mobile has even offered up to $800 off on the device when you add a line on Magenta MAX and trade in an eligible device. But the Un-carrier has just made it easier to get your hands on this smartphone. 

And you won’t even need to do both– add a line or trade in a device. 

As revealed by The T-Mo Report, you only need to do one of those things starting today, June 2nd. A leaked document revealed that customers who add a line on Magenta MAX or another premium plan will be able to get a $800 discount on any of the devices under the Galaxy S22 roster. No trade-in device is required. Another option is available for customers who don’t need a new line but would like to trade-in a device to get the discount. You can trade in an eligible device and get up to $800 off on the Galaxy S22 series. 

Aside from the Galaxy S22 line, the other devices that are up for grabs under this promotion include the following:

  • Samsung Galaxy S21 line
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 line
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

There is also another promotion for up to $600 off on any of the devices under the Galaxy S22 lineup. This promotion allows legacy and non-premium plan users to get a discount. 

As revealed in the post, these new promotions will start today, June 2nd. You can order online or via the app if you wish to avoid paying the $35 upgrade fee. But you can always do the traditional route and head over to a nearby T-Mobile store.

Source: The T-Mo Report

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