T-Mobile fixes data throttling issue on Sprint’s Everything Data plans

T-Mobile has fixed an issue that has been affecting Sprint customers ever since their merger. As revealed by The T-Mo Report, affected customers have been experiencing video throttling on Sprint’s Everything Data plans.

These plans originally came with unlimited talk, text, and data with no throttilng. The plan was launched in 2012 but was retired in a year. After T-Mo and Sprint’s merger, customers who opted to “TNX” (switch to a T-Mobile SIM) discovered that their data speed was being heavily throttled. Some were even getting 2.5Mbps, especially when video streaming. Because of this, several customers have shown reluctance to switch to T-Mobile’s network. 

But earlier this month, a Reddit user shared that he received a message from T-Mobile regarding this issue. The message read:

“T-Mobile is implementing a change to your video streaming service while on a T-Mobile SIM card, which will provide the SAME experience as you have on the Sprint Everything Data shared plan.  You should see improvement in your streaming experience while using a T-Mobile SIM card by Tuesday, May 3, 2022.”

The customer was able to enjoy the service again just a few days later. So if you are one of the customers affected by the issue, you can now switch to a T-Mo SIM and enjoy the same unthrottled and unlimited data plan that you are getting. After switching to a T-Mobile SIM, you simply need to call or chat with their tech support to request a “network refresh.” This way, you can continue to enjoy the service that you’ve been getting from the Everything Data plan.

Source: The T-Mo Report

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