T-Mobile ends Un-contract guarantee, new Price Lock program leaked

Back in 2015, T-Mobile released an “Un-contract” guarantee that aimed to protect its existing customers from unexpected bill increases. And as noted by The T-Mo Report, this agreement has come to an end. But the Un-carrier has released a new “Price Lock” program to replace this. 

The report shared a couple of documents that discussed both guarantees. As stated in the new Price Lock guarantee, accounts that have been activated after April 28, 2022 are included. However, accounts that were opened on or before this date are still subject to the previous Un-contract guarantee. 

There are a few changes made on the Un-contract document. At the same time, the Price Lock document introduces new things too. But as noted in the report, the big difference between the two is that new activations added onto an existing account may be subject to the monthly price of a new line “at the time the line is added.” Before this clause, new line additions only cost the price of an extra line for the plan. 

This means that if you were to add a new line a few years from now, you will have to pay the new rate of the line instead of what it cost today. 

As noted by the report, the new change also applies to customers covered by the Un-contract guarantee. This can be found under “Account changes” in the document:

These pricing promises applied to published price on date of activation for each added line, not original price paid when the account was opened.

Additional lines added after 4/27/22 are not covered by the Un-contract promise.

Again, this clause only applies to new lines added after the 28th. 

Apart from this, there are some other changes included in the Price Lock guarantee. Some of these are included in the report: 

  • You will lose the Price Lock guarantee if you change your plan to one without Price Lock. 
  • If T-Mobile increases the price of your existing plan, they will pay off your final month of service if you decide to leave T-Mobile within 60 days of the price increase. 

You can read more about the report here. 

Source: The T-Mo Report

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