Archive | April, 2022

T-Mobile migrating customers to new JUMP!! 2.0 program

T-Mobile will soon be releasing a new JUMP! 2.0 program that will put an end to the original JUMP! 1.0 program. If you can recall, the latter has been around for several years already. The transition also brings about some unappealing changes. When T-Mo first launched the JUMP! program, it gave its customers an opportunity to upgrade their device up to two times in one year. In 2016, this program was revised to limit the upgrade cycle. … [read full article]

T-Mobile names 20 finalists of T-Challenge

Earlier today, T-Mobile and Deutsche Telekom unveiled the 20 finalists who will be taking part in the T-Challenge competition. The list is composed of young companies who are eager to share their ideas for virtual stores, store avatars, retail products and services, digital twins, and other XR technologies that will innovate how we shop.  Right now, the finalists are in the second phase of the competition. They are getting ready to go on an all-expenses paid trip … [read full article]

You now have a chance to enroll your device to Protection 360

T-Mobile customers will soon get to enroll their device in Protection 360. And the good news is that enrollment can be done regardless of how old a device is. Internal documents were shared to The T-Mo Report, who gave the report today. The report shows that T-Mobile will be opening an enrollment period from April 5th until May 17th. This is a good chance to enroll your device to the insurance program since enrollment is usually … [read full article]

T-Mobile Prepaid is giving away free OnePlus Nord N200 5G to eligible 3G trade-ins


If you’re still using a 3G-powered device, you may need to start shopping for a replacement device pretty soon. This is because the major carriers in the country are all shutting down their 3G network to give way for 5G.  T-Mobile already started shutting down Sprint’s 3G network a few days ago. And this is expected to be completed over the next couple of months. Meanwhile, for T-Mobile legacy, you have until July 1st to change your … [read full article]

T-Mobile celebrates 2nd anniversary of its merger with Sprint


Today marks the second anniversary of T-Mobile and Sprint’s merger. In honor of this milestone, CEO Mike Sievert dedicated an entire blog post to celebrate the success of the company.  In the post, Sievert shows just how much connectivity is needed nowadays. This has been demonstrated over the past couple of years with everyone staying at home and working remotely.  And today, T-Mobile is doing its best to pave the way for its customers to be connected … [read full article]