T-Mobile updates Insider Hookup promotion to give 20% off to new and existing Magenta MAX customers


Update (01/06/22 7:31 pm EST):

The Insider Hookup promotion is also applicable to new T-Mobile for Business customers on the Business Unlimited Ultimate plan. Friends and family who are business owners can also enjoy the promotion.

Original story as follows:


T-Mobile’s Insider Hookup promotion is getting revamped once again. And as reported by The T-Mo Report, the Un-carrier will be offering new and existing Magenta MAX customers a discount of 20% on their accounts for life.

The information shared comes from leaked internal documents obtained by the publication. The document reveals that employees will be receiving 2 codes on January 6th. These codes will be for existing Magenta MAX customers (and those interested to switch), and also for new customers. 

In addition to the 20% off for life offer, customers can combine it with any of the phone promos that the Un-carrier is offering.

True to its name, the promotion is intended for the family and friends of T-Mo’s employees. If you are a customer who wishes to enjoy the promotion too, you will need to find an employee who can share the promo code with you. 


Source: The T-Mo Report

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  • Mike

    What a silly game.. why dont they apply the discounts to the people directly? This is just a way to get people in the store, and buys things.

    • MrJohnDoe

      Well no kidding, lol.

      • Mike


  • Alex Pilaia

    Hmm. Another perk for employees only.. Customers thrown to the side again… sigh…

    • Mike

      Especially the military, who cant take advantage of the deal. What a shame.

      • Clearly

        lol? you got the military discount already which is way cheaper than the rest of the plans AND you want more? You’re a funny guy, Thank you for your service though. Good thing T-Mobile offers the best Military Plan available.

        • Mike

          Well im actually for them just to give everyone a discount sense the plans cost so much. Sprint people get to keep there great plans, or why cant we choose some old Sprint plans?

        • Gregg

          It’s called “grandfathered” and most industries don’t even do that. For more expensive plans, check out the competition.

        • Mike

          Usually grandfathered plans are e best because new plans always have a rate hike

        • BladeRunner

          Freedom is not Free these guys are putting there live on the line so that you can talk on your T-Mobile phone and tmobile can rake in the billion dollar profits. They should be able to get this discount even tho they get a discounted plan

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  • gtuansdiamm

    Hi I’m looking for a code for an existing customer. If you have a code please email me at ToastXtoast@gmail.com and we can setup a fair trade :)

    • FBP

      I did ask a Tmobile store representative who is a friend of mine. I am interested too about this offer.

      It looks like the info is not happening yet. They did not received anything officially.

      • gtuansdiamm

        so i hit up 4 different tmobile stores and some of them dont want to give the code and the others dont know about the offer. On reddit people already started giving away codes but there are not enough codes for the thousands of us lol

  • Mike

    Hey, they can have the deal, but you cant. Sounds childish ?

  • Joe2050

    Why don’t they give out the code/promo directly to long term customers and also allow them one extra code to refer a friend that will reward long term customers and at the same time expand their subscriber base. Trying to find a t-mobile employee and hope they would provide you the code is ridiculous imo.

    • Mike

      I agree that its ridiculous

  • I wonder if all stores doing this or just the main stores. The private owned stores, barely do any kind of discounts.

  • The information shared comes from leaked internal documents