T-Mobile makes tax-related changes to account add-ons and select plans


Bad news to T-Mobile customers. It looks like T-Mobile will soon be making changes on how it handles taxes on account upgrades and add-ons. 

This comes as a leaked internal document that The T-Mo Report shared on their website. According to the report, some account and line add-ons will have a different tax separate on the plan. The surprising part about this is that even plans with included taxes will have separate tax on them. 

Some of the add-ons that will be affected by this change include the following:

  • Stateside International Talk & Text
  • Global Plus
  • Scam Shield Premium

There are other add-ons that will now incur taxes. 

T-Mo will also start charging customers on the tax difference on Netflix plan upgrades. If you upgraded to the 4K Netflix plan instead of the standard Netflix plan, you will have to pay for the difference on the tax between these plans. The charge, however, will be no more than $2 per month. 

Apart from adding a tax on add-ons and Netflix upgrades, T-Mobile will also start increasing the tax on plans that exclude taxes. One famous example for this are the legacy Simple Choice and Essentials plans. 

T-Mobile has already sent out a text and email to customers affected by this decision. T-Mobile for Business customers, however, will receive a paper letter informing them of the change. 

The increase will take effect starting February 19th. 


Source: The T-Mo Report

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