T-Mobile details plans with new 3.45 GHz spectrum


T-Mobile has big plans with its recent win in the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s Auction 110. And today, the Un-carrier has laid out those plans in a new release. 

Even though T-Mobile has taken the lead in 5G, it plans to further fuel this lead with the latest mid-band 3.45 GHz spectrum it purchased in the auction. This will be added to the 2.5 GHz spectrum that T-Mo has already deployed with its 5G network. 

As of this writing, T-Mobile is already able to deliver super-fast 5G speeds to 210 million people around the country. This is, of course, all thanks to the mid-band 2.5 GHz spectrum that it obtained with its Sprint merger. 

With the new spectrum, T-Mobile believes that they can achieve the perfect balance of coverage and speed. And as a result, they will be able to deliver even faster speeds and greater performance. 

In comparison, T-Mo’s rivals, Verizon and AT&T, have only started rolling out their mid-band 5G spectrum using C-band. They are already two years behind T-Mobile. With the new 3.45 GHz spectrum that T-Mobile has, this will put them behind even more. 

You can read more about T-Mobile’s plans with the spectrum here


Source: T-Mobile


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