T-Mobile users unable to access T-Mobile app


T-Mobile’s app has been a pretty convenient tool to use for its customers. Through the app, various services can be managed for your account. Unfortunately, there have been reports that users are having difficulties accessing the AutoPay service in the app.

According to PiunikaWeb, users complained that almost half of the pages show a “request timeout” error. The error is evident on the billing and shop tabs. And it looks like the issue is affecting both app and website.

Users turned to Twitter to voice their frustrations on the error. 

“@T-Mobile @T-MobileHelp the app has been in parts inoperable for days, clicking the Shop tab results in ‘Request Timeout’ and now the same when trying to view bill.” (1)

“Heyoooo…. Not sure if its happening to anyone else but whenever I tap on the Bill tab on the app I always get request timeout. Happens on wifi and 5G… Reinstalled the app same thing” (2)

T-Mobile support has responded to some of these Twitter accounts and asked them to send a direct message for further assistance. 

The report also shared a workaround that some other users were able to go through. They simply closed the app, reopened it, and signed back in. This reportedly allowed them to sort out the issue. 

If you are currently encountering the same issue on your T-Mobile app, this workaround may be worth checking out. Let us know if you were able to get through the billing and shop tabs after this. 


Source: PiunikaWeb