T-Mobile adds two new smartwatches to its lineup


Earlier today, T-Mobile revealed that they will soon be offering a couple of new exclusive smartwatches. These two smartwatches include the SyncUP KIDS Watch and TIMEX FamilyConnect. 

“These new smartwatches are all about better connecting and simplifying our customers’ lives,” T-Mobile Executive Vice President of Emerging Products, Dow Draper, said. “They bring the power of T-Mobile’s network to the whole family for everyday connectivity needs with easy-to-use solutions.”

SyncUP KIDS Watch

This watch is designed to help kids stay connected to their parents/guardians. It comes with safety features that parents want for their kids’ devices. Some of those features include the ability to send text, video or voice messages, and make calls with the on-screen keyboard. 

The watch features an unlimited number of guardian-approved only contacts. It also allows real-time location check, virtual boundary alert setup, emergency contacts set up, and school mode. Kids can even choose their own character/watch theme. 

Parents/guardians can pair the SyncUP KIDS Watch with the app so they can monitor their child. 

TIMEX FamilyConnect

The other smartwatch that T-Mobile unveiled today is the TIMEX FamilyConnect. This smartwatch allows caregivers to check an older loved one. It is an easy-to-use smartwatch that comes with real-time location sharing, two-way calling and messaging, fall detection, and a dedicated SOS button. The watch also comes with a fitness tracker and a heart rate monitor.

With these two watches now available at T-Mobile, they join T-Mo’s roster that includes the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 and Apple Watch Series 7. The good news is that T-Mobile will be giving new and existing customers a free watch starting November 5th. 


Source: T-Mobile

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