Exclusive Google One storage plan now available for T-Mobile and Sprint customers


T-Mobile has launched its latest offering to its customers. In line with its partnership with Google, T-Mo will be bringing an exclusive perk to its T-Mobile and Sprint customers. 

As announced by the Un-Carrier, T-Mobile and Sprint customers will get Google One storage plan starting October 12th. Customers can sign up for this exclusive offer for $5/month and get to enjoy 500GB of storage. This is a better option than the standard Google One plan that costs $1.99/month for 100GB and $2.99/month for 200GB. 

For a limited time period, T-Mobile and Sprint customers can enjoy a 30-day or more free trial period. T-Mobile customers also have the option to sign up for 2TB of storage at $10/month. 

Thanks to this exclusive perk, customers will be able to store their important documents and photos on Google One.

If you are interested in signing up for the Google One 500GB or 2TB storage plans, you can do that online, in-store, in-app, or by getting in touch with one of T-Mobile’s customer Care Team of Experts. Sprint subscribers, on the other hand, can sign up for the 500GB plan directly via the T-Mobile Tuesdays Android app or by calling Sprint Care for iOS. The 2TB plan can be signed up directly from Google. 


Source: T-Mobile