T-Mobile brings interactive experience to live sports


The sports industry is one of the key sectors that has long looked for opportunities to reach its fans. And thanks to technology, sports teams get to make use of powerful tools to help give their sports enthusiasts a more interactive and immersive experience. 

T-Mobile is proud to be part of that experience with its hometown Major League Baseball venue in Seattle, T-Mobile Park. 

As announced today, the Un-Carrier has fully loaded this baseball venue with some of the most advanced 5G technologies in wireless. During this season, T-Mobile tested out a 5G Mixed Reality solution. Through this, spectators get to put on a pair of smart glasses and be transported into an augmented reality baseball experience. 

With the help of Nreal smart glasses, spectators get to view an enhanced AR scoreboard. They also see real-time MLB stat cast updates. The experience also brings Mariners’ outfielder Mitch Haniger to the game via hologram. Plus, whenever there’s a big achievement in the game, a dancing Mariner Moose mascot appears on the field. 

Apart from being able to see the game on the field, spectators can use the smart glasses to look through virtual baseball cards with an update of real-time game stats. They also have access to an extensive video library detailing game highlights from the Mariners. And whenever a run is scored, there’s a virtual fireworks display.

Of course, this is all powered by T-Mobile’s high-speed, low-latency Ultra Capacity 5G network. To see this technology in action, check out the video in this link.


Source: T-Mobile

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