T-Mobile for Business customers also victims of cybersecurity attack


Just when we thought T-Mobile for Business’ customers were safe from the recent cybersecurity attack last week, it turns out we were wrong. This was earlier confirmed by T-Mobile for Business group’s executive vice president, Mike Katz.

Katz released a post on his LinkedIn account to address the concern. The executive also shared how they have been handling things on their end to secure their customers. When you click on the post, it will lead you to a T-Mobile for Business information site, which explains: 

“The exact company and personal information accessed varies by business and individual. We have determined that the types of impacted business information include: Business name, federal tax ID, business address, contact name and business phone number. Personal information includes: names, drivers’ licenses, government identification numbers, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, addresses and phone number(s).”

T-Mo clarified that there was no indication that personal or business financial information were included in the hack. This means that customers’ credit or debit card information, PINs, and account passwords remain safe. 

As of this writing, T-Mobile for Business has already “dedicated resources conducting business account reviews”. They also said that they will start “offering individual credit monitoring resources.” 

Unfortunately, not all customers have received a notification from T-Mobile. But the Un-Carrier promises that they are using “a variety of channels” to keep their customers updated. So far, they have set up an event-specific webpage that includes customer FAQs and “communicated directly with impacted customers we have contact information for directly via SMS.”

T-Mobile shares that its investigation is still ongoing. “As our investigation provides more information, we will reach out to impacted customers and others.” 


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  • Fan_Atl77

    Very few thought WE were safe from the recent cybersecurity attack last week. It is Impactful and Very impactful now, as well as, maybe years to come, sadly….

    • dcmanryan

      They need to be fined by the government. It’s ridiculous how many times they’ve been hacked. To be fair I went into an AT&T store to do an in store pick up of an online order for a $5 iPhone case I bought online. The AT&T employee said he was required to take a pick of my license. I said I bought the case online and the money is out of my account so give me my crap and if they want a pic I’ll give you one of my middle finger after I get MY stuff you no longer own. Yes, I overreacted but I was already in a bad mood. Then the idiot employee is questioning how I got the case for $5 when it’s $45 in store ( go to your website, add to cart, hit buy genius). I’d had enough by then and walked out with my phone case and didn’t say another word. This kind of crap is why we’re all getting hacked. Who knows where that pic would have ended up.

      • Mike Thaler

        Ours is a small business account. Don’t know what the hackers can do w. an EIN number. Bill goes to address not in same state as business.