Report says T-Mobile has most reliable 5G network


T-Mobile is at it again! A new report has named T-Mobile as the carrier with the most reliable 5G network. 

This new recognition comes from umlaut’s latest report. According to the independent research firm, the Un-Carrier’s customers get the most 5G coverage, best 5G speeds, and most reliable 5G network. Of course, this is all thanks to the nationwide availability of its wireless network. 

The report also took a look at the performance metrics at 10 major metros, including the following: 

  • Austin, TX
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Chicago
  • Dallas – Fort Worth
  • Houston
  • Minneapolis – St. Paul 
  • New York City
  • Newark – Jersey City, NJ
  • Philadelphia
  • Washington, DC

After taking a look at the carrier’s performance in these locations, umlaut discovered that T-Mo delivers the fastest 5G download and upload speeds in these places. The testers also spent an average of 96% of time staying connected to T-Mobile’s 5G network across these metros. 

Apart from the new recognition received, T-Mobile’s President of Technology Neville Ray released a new blog post celebrating a new milestone for the network. According to the post, T-Mo’s Extended Range 5G now covers 305 million people across 1.7 million square miles. Meanwhile, its Ultra Capacity 5G network now covers 165 million people. 

The blog post also explains how T-Mobile is able to continue building out more coverage and capacity. The T-Mobile executive also details how its rivals won’t be able to catch up. You can read more about that here.


Source: T-Mobile, T-Mobile

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  • vrm

    t-mobile should forget the 5G marketing hype train and fix their 4G network- it is inconsistent and cheesy. I’m finding that holes left in highly populated suburban areas are still there TEN YEARS later ! They have no excuse- they got lot of spectrum and are making lots of money.

    All they need to do is deploy spectrum in existing infrastructure. Maybe add new antennae. No need to upgrade each site to “5G” equipment and make the CCP rich. Besides, most customers still don’t have 5G phones- don’t waste money giving phones away and spending on 5G. Only deploy 5G on NEW macro and micro sites.

    The inflection point is here and I’m thinking that at&t will steal a lot of t-mobile customers away because most users don’t care about the number in front of the G. They care about consistent and reliable coverage.

    • Chris P Bacon

      Here’s the problem with your story. You don’t bring any receipts to the table to support your claims.

      10 years ago I’d agree. T-Mo had a spotty network in urban areas, and poor to no coverage once you left those areas. I can tell you that from my experience, there’s no comparison. I’m a courier for a large delivery service. Our service area serves a 100 mile radius in NW Ohio and SE Michigan. Largely rural, but Detroit and Toledo urban areas are in this area. I stream from my Samsung A52 5G all day. On an average week, I lose a data connection less than 5x/week. And if I do, it picks up again almost immediately. I see 5G more than 50% of the time, from rural hamlets to urban centers. I have no need to return to ATT for their phony 5G product.

      I have no idea where you are, since you fail to provide that important bit of info. But I don’t think your story is consistent with the experience of most T-Mo customers.

      • marque2

        Yeah, cities are OK. There are still problems in rural areas. In Northern CA, and southern Oregon I went on a trip a few weeks ago and didn’t have service for hours at a time. Admittedly this was country roads, went to Lassen National park and got signal in only one very small spot.

        Driving along the coast in CA on the way up, pretty much no service from Bodega Bay to Point Arena – about 150 miles on Highway 1. And then no service until close to Fort Bragg. The only reason I think there was service in Point Arena is someone set up cell spot on their router. Just outside Arcata service stopped again until Crescent City, no service near or in Crater Lake …

        Now I admit this is out of the way stuff, but more frustrating is there are a number of spots along highway 5 from Los Angeles to San Francisco where service drops – this is the major artery in California. I shouldn’t have problems where there aren’t mountains.

        • vrm

          I live in an urban area and coverage has lot of holes. All these holes have been there for over a decade. It seems to me that t-mobile is upgrading the same towers with newer equipment while completely ignoring the coverage gaps. Some towers have not received any attention at all. They want to appease pockets of people who want to consume a lot of content. Large majority of people want usable service in more places rather than HUGE speeds in some places. Average speeds on t-mobile are higher because of good performance in some areas but many are dissatisfied with the service and t-mobile appears to be showing a lower churn rate by periodically offering “free” lines.

        • marque2

          I agree to some extent with you. I don’t think Tmobile has added any new towers to my town, but has added stronger, better transponders to the towers, and upgraded both 4g and 5g. Two years ago, signal wasn’t great in my house, today it is much better, but that is not because they are adding towers. There are still dead spots in my town.

      • vrm

        T-mobile IS giving away phones. Ask THEM for the receipts, why ME ?
        T-mobile is subsidizing netflix- ask THEM for the receipts, not me.
        T-mobile IS giving lines away. Again, ask THEM.
        T-mobile IS “upgrading” towers that already have good LTE to 5G, not adding any new coverage or improving it. Ask THEM, not me.
        T-mobile spends LOT of money on ads- ask for the receipts.

        All these statements are based on public knowledge. My personal experience with t-mobile service is not but that is not even necessary to establish my statements.

        • marque2

          I am not quite sure what your point is. What is the problem with giving away phones so customers can have 5g?

          All the mobile networks are subsidizing some network. I think AT&T is Hulu and Verizon has Disney. Yeah for all three it seems a bit silly, but again, why are you complaining?

          I got three free lines this summer, I am grateful, why are you complaining?

          My coverage from existing towers is much better as of this year – I am sure we all want more towers, but the improvements are vast, why are you complaining?

          You are certifiable.

        • vrm

          Instead of wasting money on giving away phones (runs in to billions of dollars- phones aren’t cheap), so that they can avail of a crappy 5G network, spend that money to fill in the holes in the coverage. They STILL aren’t doing that.

        • marque2

          They have the best 5g of the three biggies, as measured by most rating groups, even the bought off Root Metrics.

          I still don’t get your complaints. You are complaining about things that aren’t, and then claiming good customer service is bad customer service because it costs money.

          But OK …

        • Shaun Michalak

          Some places they are.. I have seen many new towers adding coverage in my area this year.. But even if they were not doing that.. What about the Sprint towers?? A lot of places there are Sprint towers that will fill in those holes, but they are not going to fully register until they all get fully updated to T-Mobile towers, and get fully integrated into their network.. If they have a Sprint tower there, that in a short time will be filling in those gaps, then it makes no sense to build a tower in that area when they will have one to work with shortly.. and I think we all know how crappy Sprints network is set up.. So once they do, and get them converted over to T-Mobile towers, I could guess that their coverage could easily increase significantly too..

        • marque2

          It is still a problem where cities are generally OK, but in rural areas, the coverage is bad. I just looked at the map above, the entire coast of california has coverage, but from my trip last month 62 miles from Bodega Bay to Point Arena, had no coverage. In Point Arena, I think someone had a femtocell in their home, so we could call for a hotel. Another 50 miles from Pt Arena to Mendicino, no coverage, and yet that map is beautiful magenta in that span.

          I don’t necessarily mind that there is little coverage in those areas. I get they are somewhat out of the way, but why lie on the coverage map?

        • Shaun Michalak

          To sucker people in thinking that their coverage is better then it is.. Usually when i see something like that with T-Mobile, it is usually because the towers are on the side of the road, and not in the front and back.. and when that happens, T-Mobile has their maps as “best case scenario”, and you end up hitting the edge of one tower after another, but get no service because of it.. I have seen it many times myself.. The thing is, I can not say that this is just a T-Mobile thing.. All carriers do it.. All I can say is.. Hopefully with the installation of band 71 and them incorporating all those Sprint towers (once that is done), we can hope that it helps make the maps much more accurate by filling in some of those gaps and adding coverage.

        • Shaun Michalak

          Not all of this is accurate.. They are upgrading LTE to 5G and not improving it?? How do you figure.. If they are putting 5G on that tower, that means that they are also adding either band 71 or 41 or both.. Because those are the only tower bands that they are putting 5G on.. This means extra capacity for both, 4 and 5G customers since band 71 is split between both 4 and 5G.. and in some places, they have little or no band 12 there, so this would definitely increase coverage too.

        • Chris P Bacon

          I don’t need to ask them for receipts because I posted my own. I find the service is MUCH better than you claim. And I backed it up with facts. You just rolled out the same old tripe about T-Mobile that clearly isn’t relevant today.

      • Francisco Peña

        everyone is different, but for me, its hit or miss. I can walk my dog down the street, and lose signal or freezing. Coming into the community, there is one section we always drop coverage.

        in town, behind the mall, I better pull up my shopping list and start streaming music to my buds before I pull into the costco parking lot, or else I’ll be waiting. Forget texting the wife a picture of something on sale.

        I can go from 141mbps/43.2mbps (Down/Up) to 3.12/0.19 in teh blink of an eye.

        The only reason I stick is the monthly bill. $100 for 4 lines of unlimited, 6GB hotspot, with a S21 and S20FE monthly payment included in that $100. Can’t touch that elsewhere. i’ll deal with the spotty coverage in my area.

        • marque2

          I wouldn’t be surprised if you lived in Tucson, AZ, of all the towns I have lived in the last 5 years, that is the only one where the service is like that. In fact 10 paces away from the local T-mobile store where I lived when I was there service dropped. I imagine it was hard to sell phones at a location with no cell service.

        • Shaun Michalak

          You said it right there.. away from the local T-Mobile store.. Here, I noticed me getting a signal in the parking lot, right in front of the T-Mobile store.. But then when I went out on to the street, that signal went away.. I think that they are putting some micro cells at their stores for people to jump off of so that they have service when they sign up.. But once you get more then a couple dozen feet away, that signal drops off and you are then having to connect to a regular tower.. The one around here uses band 66..

      • SteelRiderCarl

        Had TMobile for 20 years now, live in the same general area and their service has never been worse than it is right now.

  • pda96

    Scary. TMO’s 5G coverage and speed are still no better than 4G LTE most of the time. And if TMO is the best, then the rest must be crap!

    • Shaun Michalak

      Well, they did say that AT&T and Verizon’s 5G, because of them using DSS which gives priority to 4G first, that you get worse speeds on 5G then 4G because of it..

  • Shaun Michalak

    I find the whole map thing very unflattering. At least, I would if I was T-Mobile.. Yea, it looks good if you just look at the 5G part, because then something like 90% of their coverage has 5G.. But since their band 41 ultra capacity is what is needed along with the basic band 71 5G for good speeds.. Well, with how long they have been at it, upgrading the towers, the amount of ultra capacity that is installed is so small that it is pathetic.. All I can say is.. I am hoping that they have more band 41 installed then they are showing, but are just waiting for them to get things worked out where band 71 and 41 will work together under 5G, before they just turned it on.. Because right now, from that map.. I really am not impressed..

  • NotFooled

    T-Mobile must of created the report! This has to be a joke! Nothing has changed with the addition of 5G. Coverage isn’t extended or does it penetrate buildings. However, there are a few places that I’ve downloaded over 600mbps which does nothing for the average user! Totally wasted my money on a new 5G phone