T-Mobile makes $1.25M donation in support of LGBTQ+ youth


June is usually recognized as Pride Month. And to help celebrate the occasion, T-Mobile has made a $1.25 million total donation to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation and GLSEN initiatives. This is the Un-Carrier’s way of showing support to the organizations that serve the LGBTQ+ youth. 

Out of that total number, T-Mobile has made a donation of $1 million to the HRC Foundation to support their new financial and digital literacy initiatives. Meanwhile, the GLSEN was given a $250,000 donation to help with their efforts in making schools safer and more inclusive.

T-Mobile believes that these donations not only possess critical impacts to the LGBTQ+ youth, but also lifechanging results. Through these initiatives, the Un-Carrier is able to help this sector with their struggles in homelessness or unstable housing by providing them avenues where they can learn. And not only that, they support the students who feel unsafe in their schools because of their gender expression or sexual orientation. 

“T-Mobile recognizes that giving LGBTQ+ youth access to these important HRC and GLSEN initiatives today means we are also empowering the generation that will shape the future of LGBTQ+ advocacy and be this community’s leaders of tomorrow,” T-Mobile CEO, Mike Sievert, said. “We’re proud to partner with these two organizations because they share our belief that every single person has the right to feel safe, seen, heard, and prepared to achieve their ambitions — and are delivering quality programming that ensures it.” 

For more information about these initiatives, visit this page


Source: T-Mobile

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  • Shaun Michalak

    Can someone explain to me how being bisexual somehow makes you more vulnerable to being homeless as a youth??

    As for it being pride month.. It may just be my opinion, but I get tired of all this, we got to make a month for this and that and something else.. If that is the way you are, that is your choice.. But why should I, who feels that no man has ever gotten a man pregnant, and no woman has ever gotten a woman pregnant, so I feel that in natural selection, the only way to truly, and naturally have kids is with one of each sex.. So why should someone like me have to be subjected to others beliefs day after day, where it is thrown into my face?? In a sense, it is no different then throwing the muslim or christian religion in someones face every day.. almost like they are doing something wrong if they do not believe in it..

    I guess my point is.. Everyone has their views.. If someone wants to donate to something, or be a certain way, or believe in something, then I have no right to say that my beliefs or views are more right then theirs.. But at the same time, I do not feel my beliefs are so right that they should be put in everyone’s face day after day.. There is a LGBT month, but where is the straight month?? How about a single month for the people that do not want to get married or be with someone else?? How about a month for widows?? Oh, none of them count but somehow the LGBT people are so special that they are the only ones that count??

    Well, that is until February, when the only people then that count are the black population?? What about the orientals?? The people from the middle east?? Nope, they are not special enough either?? I find it sad how we throw this divide in there to the point that we say that only some people are special enough to get something, yet we tell the rest of the world that they can go screw themselves because they are not special enough.. Well, at least not until they play in a sport and then everyone has to get a trophy, because then we can’t let someone have hurt feelings..

    • Nick

      damn, what 90% of people think but never say lol. you are correct.

      • Shaun Michalak

        That is most people are afraid of not being politically correct.. Me, I really do not care if I am politically correct or not.. But as it is, I think a “people in service”, meaning people in the military, deserve a month in dedication to them 100 times more then someone just because they swing a different way.. I have known a lot of people that were LGBTQ type of people.. and you know what.. I think I saw people that were geeks picked on a whole lot more then those LGBT people were.. But little is said about how the geeky and nerdy people get picked on.. But hey, lets choose LGBT to act on like they are the biggest victims.. From my experience, most of the people that do pick on them, are just jerks, and they pick on everyone, not just LGBT people.. and if not, then they, the LGBT people, may be doing something to cause the problem too.. Ok.. You swing the other way..; Who cares.. As long as you are not staring at me in the changing room.. or constantly talking about it.. I have no problem with it.. Ironic how they seem to ignore those facts though..

        • marque2

          I found the answer to a confusing post about towers and microcells – remember that one.

          per a fierce wireless post “T-Mobile ‘running fast’ to achieve benefits of merger” T-mobile has said that by 2024 after dumping about 35K towers it will have 80 – 85K cell towers for customers and 50K small cell sites.

        • Shaun Michalak

          I saw the one about the 85k cell sites after loosing 35k that they were going to sell to DISH.. but the article I read said cell sites, with no real description between towers and small cells..

        • marque2

          Well now we know.

      • Shaun Michalak

        You know, this is just a thought.. But I got 4 downlikes from people for saying what I did.. But don’t you find it a little ironic that while they downliked it, like it was saying something wrong.. At the same time, not one comment about how it was wrong?? I guess I hurt a few feelings..

    • marque2

      You are brave for commenting.

    • DuckDuckGoose

      I’m with you bro, don’t let them get to you. Everyone should be celebrated for our individuality and achievements instead of sexualizing one group of people who identify as something.

    • Joshua Adee

      To answer your questions, LGBTQ+ youth are more likely to be homeless because not all parents are accepting. Also, as far as the month thing goes, seriously, it’s barely more than 10 years since LGBTQ+ are allowed to marry in all 50 states. And nothing is flaunted in yours or anyone else’s face. The only thing that has changed is that LGBTQ+ have some representation now instead of literally everything being heterosexual, cisgender thrown in their faces since pretty much forever. The entire time I was in the military it was totally OK for me to acknowledge my wife and children, someone who was LGBTQ+ couldn’t do that until DADT was finally repealed.

      • Shaun Michalak

        You obviously are not any where near my neck of the woods.. It is not flaunted in anyones face?? Here, the mayor used city funds to buy LGBTQ signs and even paid companies to post them in the windows of their stores.. They painted sidewalks, crosswalks, etc to advertise it.. They let the LGBT community come down with a parade, but the straight people were refused any and all demonstrations or rallies, even peaceful ones..

        So basically what you are saying is.. City hall lit up with LGBTQ colors is my imagination, since it is not thrown in my face.. Me not being able to drive 3 blocks from my house without seeing LGBTQ colored crosswalks clear across the road is not thrown in my face either.. and not being able to go down the street through businesses without seeing LGBTQ flags in 95% of the store windows?? How exactly do you explain all this then.. if it is not being thrown in my face?? Yea, I would say that it is thrown in my face..

        PS.. what colors are the T-Mobile logo right now?? Yup.. Can’t even go to my cell carriers facebook page without seeing LGBTQ colors at the top of their page.. But yea, Not pushed in anyone’s face.. Man I have a wild imagination..

        • Joshua Adee

          Do you hear that? It’s the world’s smallest violin. People are supporting those who have been marginalized for decades and only recently were allowed to be honest about who they are. It must be so horrible to have to look at people enjoying themselves. Do yourself a favor and never go to Hawaii, they have a lot of rainbows there, it might make your head explode.

        • Shaun Michalak

          Really?? Is that the best that you could come up with?? Don’t like a response so you have to resort to degrading people.. I guess that shows the type of character you have that you have to resort to such comments when you have nothing better to say..

          I think that the really sad part is.,. If you actually read my comments, you would know just how stupid your comment sounds.. Not once did I ever degrade, talk bad about, or say that there was something wrong with being LGBT.. All I said is that I do not need it thrown in my face.. But you talk like I hate that they are happy.. So sad that you can not even realize how stupid that you comment actually is.. Joshua Adee.. I hope you have a nice day..

        • marque2

          They have been allowed to be who they are since the mid 80s. And being forced to endure videos about it at work have the new flag pushed on my computer having my work and city hall fly these flags is over the top.

          Also the protections are such that as a cis white guy I have had to be on pins and needs at work for years. I wouldn’t dare put up a cross Jesus on it in my cube for fear of being reported, but if I did up my cube in rainbow colors and had pictures of myself and “spouse” in leather cutouts, I would be celebrated at work.

          It has gone well beyond some guy wanting to be another sex and wanting to wear a dress to work. We have all accepted that long ago. It is now attacks on people who want to continue with traditional families.

  • Phil

    Freaking crybaby , stop playing victim do your own thing.
    You want rainbows , so be it.
    Those that don’t , you can’t make them want.
    The 24/7 propaganda campaign taking place hurts your cause creating division.
    It soon will be played out & replaced by another so called victim movement.
    Hmm kids-people with red hair decriminalization , that really could fly in todays climate.
    The Irish have been shamed forever because of their looks treated like dirt throughout history – the slaves of many.
    A bunch of them scream victim we want more. , it gets traction, media & politicians promote $ flows!
    As Irish/Italian thats had his share of hard knocks , I would take pass on such movement.
    I won’t play victim

    True story.

    • As an Irish / Scottish man myself I would pass on this as well. No victimhood here, only efforts to be my own person and being my own success.

  • Phil

    Total crap lol