T-Mobile improves Connecting Heroes service


A little over a year ago, T-Mobile launched a new service called Connecting Heroes. Through this service, the Un-Carrier offered free service and 5G access to both public and non-profit state first responder agencies. This is a commitment that T-Mobile made for the next 10 years, as a way of helping these agencies save up to $7 billion. Today, the Un-Carrier has added new plan options and benefits to the program. 

One of the new additions made by T-Mo is network preemption for Wireless Priority Service (WPS)-enrolled first responder agencies. Apart from offering the highest capacity 5G network in the country and priority network access, first responders with Connecting Heroes plans are provided preemption for voice calls and data. 

This network preemption gives first responders top of the line coverage at T-Mobile. And in times of network congestion during an emergency, T-Mobile’s networks will automatically drop non-emergency traffic to give way to first responders’ critical communications. 

Another announcement made by T-Mo today is that it will be offering its first set of rugged devices for the year. These devices include the following:

  • Sierra Wireless MG90 5G rugged router
  • Cat S62
  • Cat flip phone

Lastly, T-Mobile will be adding more plan options for its Connecting Heroes service. Instead of offering just the free and $15 plans, T-Mobile will be launching three new paid Connecting Heroes 5G plan options. These plans will come with unlimited talk, text, and data. They will also include mobile hotspot and a Samsung 5G device at no extra cost. The new plans will launch on June 23rd.


Source: T-Mobile

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