T-Mobile for Business EVP confident of brand’s future


Earlier today, T-Mobile for Business EVP, Mike Katz, released a blog post on T-Mobile’s website. The executive shared a video depicting the growth of T-Mobile for Business in the enterprise segment. Here’s a quick rundown of his blog post:

When T-Mobile first emerged in 2013, it was the smallest major U.S. wireless provider. Its position allowed T-Mo to look at its main rivals and see their flaws. One of these is a “lazy and broken customer service model that everybody hated.” Using that discovery, T-Mobile was able to change the rules. 

Throughout the years, the Un-Carrier launched a number of bold moves– they got rid of data overages and surprise fees, went unlimited, and even let go of indifferent service. As a result, the company was able to become a “simple, uncomplicated, and fun” wireless communication provider. 

In the enterprise wireless market, T-Mobile hopes to follow this very same formula that they did. Right now, the Un-Carrier is “at the back of the pack.” Katz even shared that their market share is less than 10 percent. 

But despite this low market share, Katz is confident about the potentials of enterprise communications. And with the pandemic and advanced technologies that are currently available, Katz believes he can make that work for enterprise customers. 

As of this writing, T-Mobile for Business has already made the following deployments with many of the most respected brands in the country:

  • Four of the nation’s five best-known banks,
  • Three of the five largest energy companies,
  • The five biggest pharmaceutical companies, and
  • 60 percent of national retailers.
  • 80 percent of Fortune 50 companies among customers.

Katz shares that he is “confident we will more than double our enterprise wireless market share during the next five years.” And although 10 percent doesn’t seem a lot right now, Katz says “you can be sure we are just getting started.” 

If you would like to learn more about joining “the race” with T-Mobile, visit this link.


Source: T-Mobile

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