T-Mobile partners with WGU to make higher education more accessible


T-Mobile is doing its part in making higher education more accessible to students. Today, the Un-Carrier revealed that it has inked a partnership with Western Governors University (WGU), the largest nonprofit online university in the country. Through this partnership, they are able to offer a unique scholarship program to college and university students who need reliable internet connection. 

Since affordable internet options are still lacking in both urban and rural communities, T-Mobile is working with WGU to provide resources to make greater access and equity for these students available. This echoes a recent study conducted by Ed Trust-West that there are 102,000 college students from lower income households and 145,000 college students of color that lack internet access in California alone. Not to mention, 109,000 students from lower income households and 134,000 students of color do not have a device they can use for distance learning. 

Through this collaboration, up to 2,000 WGU students will be given a free hotspot and wireless connection on T-Mobile’s network via the WGU Online Access Scholarship. 

“We are proud to team up with Western Governors University to help break down the barriers to access higher education. T-Mobile’s network — America’s largest, fastest, most reliable 5G — and incredible team dedicated to helping higher education institutions is why we can support schools like WGU, so they can do what they do best — teach the workforce of tomorrow.” – Mike Katz, EVP, T-Mobile for Business.

“If there is one way to dramatically democratize access to education, and thus, access to opportunity– it is to ensure that every household in America has access to high speed internet. WGU and T-Mobile share the same vision–to close the digital divide. Our combined efforts with T-Mobile helped double the number of students receiving wireless connectivity allowing many more individuals to change their lives for the better through education.” – Scott Pulsipher, President, WGU.

You can read more about the partnership here.


Source: T-Mobile

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  • Shaun Michalak

    Just wondering, but am I the only one tired of hearing “people of color” with everything.. I am not saying that they are not bad off in any way.. But they talk as if the only people that are having problems are “people of color”.. fact is, the poor is the poor.. If you look at the stats from California, when they talk about the poor, 12% are white, 18% are black.. Is there more black.. Not going to say that they are not.. But does that give them the right to act like only the people of color are the only ones that need help?? Nope.. poor are poor.. and the fact is, no matter what color you are.. if you are in that position because of your own actions, then i do not feel sorry for you..

    My point is, if you choose to live off of welfare, and stay on it, of your own free will.. or SSI, or.. Then you are poor by personal choices.. You choose drop out of school, or not to work to get that high school diploma, just because you do not have to.. Your own choices put you there.. Color has nothing to do with it..

    Heck, I read an article that they talked about “oh, the poor kid of color” because he was failing.. He missed more school then he went to, and had a GPA of 0.13%.. Oh, but the poor kid of color.. and then his mom had the nerve to say, but the school failed him.. No.. The school did not fail him.. he failed himself.. You can not force someone to show up at school, nor can you force them to learn, or do the work. You can only help them, teach them, encourage them, and hope for the best.