Dish Network chairman calls T-Mobile the “Grinch”


Recently, Dish Network held its Q1 2021 earnings call where they talked about their plans for Boost Mobile. In the call, however, Dish chairman, Charlie Ergen, couldn’t help but compare T-Mobile to the Grinch. Ergen made the comparison while talking about T-Mobile’s decision to proceed with the shut down date of its CDMA network. 

During the call, Ergen couldn’t hold his frustrations back about T-Mobile’s move. He shares that T-Mobile has “become the Grinch” and that the “Un-Carrier’s become the uncaring carrier.” When the CDMA network shut down will happen next year, it could lead millions of Boost Mobile customers to lose service. 

When Dish acquired Boost from T-Mobile, it didn’t know about T-Mobile’s plans to shut down its CDMA network in just a year. Once T-Mobile finally set the date, Dish expressed its frustrations about the short lifespan of CDMA. It recently penned a letter to the FCC where it called T-Mobile “anti-competitive. T-Mobile has responded to this letter and shared that they are also in the process of migrating T-Mobile CDMA customers, which outnumber Boost customers by a much larger scale. T-Mo also reminded Dish that they were given a 14-month notice instead of the stipulated 6-month notice. Recently though, Dish has asked the California Public Utilities Commission to reopen its merger investigation. 

In the earnings call, Ergen couldn’t help but share the metaphor, which describes T-Mobile as “heartless.” But he hopes that, just like the book, T-Mobile’s heart would grow three sizes and give back all the toys he stole from the Whos. In Ergen’s case, perhaps he is hoping T-Mobile would extend the CDMA shutdown date.


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