T-Mobile will be giving away free voice line to qualified customers


T-Mobile is currently running an offer for a free line. 

Beginning March 17, T-Mo customers with a minimum of two paid voice lines under an eligible plan can get a free voice line via monthly bill credits. The best part about this is that the line will remain free for life as long as you continue being eligible for it. 

To maintain eligibility, you will need to keep the same lines you are using for a year. After that, you need to maintain two paid voice lines to continue enjoying the free line.

This information comes from a leaked internal document that coincides with the offer they made back in 2020. 

The eligible plan SOCs can be seen on this screenshot:



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  • marque2

    Not sure what I would do with another free line. Maybe I could start a second family.

    Has someone successfully moved to the Magenta Max plan and brought the free lines with them?

    • TEKHD

      Yes, I did it. I went from Magenta Plus 4 Voice Lines, 1 Tablet Line & 1 Watch Line (with Free 2020 Line & Free Digits Line) to Magenta Max and the monthly bill is exactly as before with all the free lines, etc…

      • marque2

        Alas, I guess the promo is gone, they won’t let me transfer the line from a free promo from about 4 years ago, it has to be a pay line. If I get rid of the really old line, my daughter will lose her phone number and because I got new free lines I can’t drop any free line for about a year or else all the lines become pay lines. Plus one phone gets the kickback promo (my mother just uses the phone for emergencies) and that goes away too.

  • krisstofer

    Can this be used to get 50% off on OnePlus 8T promo?

    • dcmanryan


      • krisstofer

        Yes I confirmed, they will consider that add free line promo stackable with the 50% off Oneplus 8T..thanks

        • dcmanryan

          No problem.

  • Joe

    Just got mine today. That’ll make my 3rd one.

  • francob911 .

    What Soc code would be good for Simple Choice family plan, to be eligible for this free line?

  • Costa Vest

    I did this today and got a few A11 with it. Didn’t really need the phone but it was free line and free phone

    • Yardie D

      That’s a deal I’d like. Need a new line with a cheap phone to give clients so they don’t blow up my personal phone after hours. How did you do it?

      • Costa Vest

        I did it using Twitter- first asked about free line. They said I was eligible. Then I asked about any stackable phone promos. This was the response so I chose the phone- just had to pay the taxes. Nice thing is if I needed just a sim card, it would have been $10. I got a phone and sim for $0

        For a limited time in all markets, get an affordable smartphone for free (via monthly Recurring Device Credits (RDC)) when you purchase it on EIP and activate a new voice line on a qualifying rate plan. Choose from the Motorola moto e, Motorola moto g PLAY, T-Mobile REVVL4+, T-Mobile REVVL4, LG K51, LG Stylo 6, LG Aristo 5, or Samsung Galaxy A11. This offer will appear on the customers bill as “2021 Smartphone Activate P1”.

        • Yardie D

          Thanks. I held off contacting them till I heard from you. I’m really happy I did. I’ll give them a call today & let you know how it works out for me.

        • Costa Vest

          i am going to change my free A11 to a $99 A71 5G , much better phone for $100

        • marque2

          How do you do that?

        • Costa Vest

          they have whats called buyer’s remorse. you say you didn’t like the phone. You can return it and get another.

        • marque2

          I saw the promo – up front you can buy the A071 for $99 /w the free line. the reviews oneline (at T-mobile) are fairly poor for that phone though. Hopefully it works out for you.

        • Costa Vest

          I won’t be using the phone really at all. Just a guest phone. I have a s21 ultra as my primary phone. This is just to use with the extra line- figured its worth $100 more than the A11 since it has 5G and more memory. A11 has bad reviews too- but I’m thinking the A71 will be much better- still not up to the standards of the S21

        • Costa Vest

          So ended up by the time I received the A11, the A71 was out of stock and doesn’t seem to be coming back, so they changed me to an iPhone 12 mini for 50% off.

        • marque2

          That seems like a really good deal

  • Brian Wolf

    I wish I could get one of my current line converted to free. My folks just carry the phone for emergencies. In all of 2020, it was used for 20 minutes voice, and data always set close to zero.

    • ruben

      just open it and change it after 12 months cancel a paid line

      • marque2

        One problem with cancelling is they won’t let you keep the phone number of the cancelled line.

        • Costa Vest

          you can port it over to google voice or something like that

  • Foffo

    Do you know what is the data allowance on the free line?

    • ruben

      add on lines have whatever the other main line have

      • Pak T

        Be sure to check your account after you add your line. My plan is one of the old SC 2.5G per month per line that was made into 4GB/line/month. This is the first time my account has been eligible for a free line promotion. But when I added the new line two days ago, checking my account today I see that my “free” line is being charged $15 for 6GB of data. My normal not-free add a lines are $10 with the 4GB included. I am waiting in the app chat now to get an agent to talk to about this and hopefully get it fixed to be like the other lines or I will be cancelling it.

        EDIT TO UPDATE: Agent (through the App chat) fixed it no problem so now that line matches the others. But again, everyone go online and check your accounts to be sure everything looks correct.

  • Loco Mole

    Got my 4th free “Line on Us” and stacked with $99 A71 5G.

    • Costa Vest

      thats a great option. I had chosen the A11 for free but would rather pay $100 to get the A71. time for buyer’s remorse

  • Something I just thought about was, if you wanted a Magenta Max family plan with 4 lines. Instead of paying $200 a month for 4 lines, you could just get a two line plan for $140, and add the other two lines for free later on since they keep doing these add a free line promo every 1-2 months.

    • Costa Vest

      I now have 2 paid lines and 4 free lines which I received within a year. this is insane.

    • Nobody Special

      That is an option for some customer, they can choose whatever plan they want. Some customers may not want to wait months on end for the Free Line offers and opt to get 4 lines from the start.

      I don’t mind waiting … I have collected 8 free voice lines since they started giving away free lines about 5 to 6 year ago.

    • marque2

      It is a Covid thing to try to get people into stores. This will all disappear when covid is over. But hop on this free line as well.

  • WW

    Anyone know if this is still active or expired?