T-Mobile gives users access to ad-free Pandora version on weekends


T-Mobile has signed a new partnership with SiriusXM. With this new partnership, T-Mobile customers will get to enjoy a year’s worth of access to a version of Pandora with ad-free stations during the weekends. In addition to this, there are several other benefits available to users at no extra cost. 

To clarify, this is not the same version as Pandora’s paid premium service. Instead, it is simply the free service that comes with some extras. 

You can start enjoying access to this Pandora offer on March 23rd. It will be offered as one of T-Mobile Tuesdays promotion, which is usually part of most postpaid plans. If you would like to get your hands on this offer, you can log into the T-Mobile Tuesdays app and redeem the offer through your Pandora account. 

The offer will give you free access to music stations without ads on the weekends while you watch a short ad each week. The offer also gives you early access to SiriusXM original podcasts, SiriusXM podcast episodes, and special “top tracks” stations. The usual features that come with the standard free Pandora version are also included. 

You will have access to this special Pandora version until March 2022.


Source: T-Mobile

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  • lion7718

    So, no ads only on weekends..??

    • agent_smith

      You can tell SiriusXM is running them now. “Free service in your car radio on some random weekend!” etc.

      • marque2

        SirusXM seems a bit dated. With Cell phone access in more and more places, there is almost no point any more, unless you are a long haul trucker or tend to drive to a lot of places ( I tend to drive a bit – but find cell streaming good enough) What is the point? I guess Howard Stern and Dr Laura are on XM – but there are plenty of podcasts and streaming radio available elsewhere.

        • the martian ambassador

          They are shifting their focus to streaming too, that’s why they bought Pandora. Sirius XM is a great service, but it is pricey. The Premiere streaming package is currently $13/mo plus music royalty fees. The most annoying thing about Sirius XM is that you have to call them to cancel the subscription and then they will negotiate with you..offer lower priced packages, or free months. Most people prefer to be able to do that all online without having to negotiate with a human.

        • UniBroW

          I find the most annoying thing is the dumb xm antenna that seemingly comes with every new car. I’m glad my model 3 didn’t come with the shark fin

    • Face Palm

      EVERY weekend until March 2022!

  • marque2

    I remember say 15 years ago Pandora was hot, now it is such an also ran when you see top 10 much streaming service reviews Pandora isn’t there. Not dissing something free.

    What is the best streaming music service? My kids like Spotify and we have a family plan.

    • the martian ambassador

      LiveXLive Plus (powered by Slacker) is $2.50 per month if you get the 12 month subscription for commercial free, unlimited skips, and up to 320 kbps stream quality.

      The problem with Sirius XM streams is they really aren’t optimized for skipping tracks very well, which is annoying. They have added a number of the Pandora channels to Sirius XM as “extra” channels. I cancelled my Sirius XM subscription a few months ago because I really only listened to the music channels and the price is pretty high to pay for Howard Stern and the sports content which I don’t listen to.

      • Face Palm

        With LiveXLive, IMO, you get what you pay for – not much – unless you like having them decide what you will listen to….

  • Iphart

    Man, TM really spoil their subscribers.
    The whole weekend?
    Just give us the sunday-only edition!

  • agent_smith

    Actually looking at the fine print, t-mobile is completely lying about this. The fine print indicates you will “…watch a brief video intro message on the Pandora mobile app.”

    …that sounds like an advertisement to me. What a rip.

  • Face Palm

    We don’t get Sirius in Hawaii. It seems they can’t afford a better range/additional satellite?