T-Mobile unveils partnership with Google


Earlier today, T-Mobile announced that it had just inked a new, multi-year deal with Google. With the partnership, T-Mobile aims to establish itself across Google’s network of companies, such as Google, Android, Pixel, Google One, and YouTube. 

Hiroshi Locheimer, Google’s Senior Vice President of Platforms and Ecosystems said: 

“This is a win for Android users and an even greater win for the Android ecosystem. T-Mobile and Google have been working together to champion Android since the very beginning with the launch of the T-Mobile G1 in 2008. We’re taking what has already been a long and very successful relationship, and building on it to bring Android customers even more features and services.” 

Mike Sievert, T-Mobile CEO also shared his eagerness about the partnership: 

“We’re building on our decade-long relationship with Google to give customers an even better experience with the world’s very best products and services offered by Android, Pixel and YouTube. The world’s most popular smartphone platform with Android, a broad range of premium Pixel devices, an upgraded, modern messaging experience on Android and a robust entertainment offering with YouTube TV — it’s the best of Google, combined with the nation’s largest and fastest 5G network on T-Mobile.”

Some of the things that can be expected from the partnership include the following: 

Upgraded Messaging Experience

Google and T-Mobile plans to produce a more consistent and secure messaging experience for its customers. One way it plans to do this is to make Messages the default messaging experience across Android devices, including support for the advanced messaging capabilities of Rich Communication Services (RCS). 

Through Messages, T-Mobile’s Android customers will get to enjoy advanced chat features such as:

  • Chatting over Wi-Fi or data
  • Sending and receiving better quality photos and videos
  • Knowing when your message is read
  • Sharing reactions
  • Enjoying more dynamic and engaging group chats

One advantage of using Messages is that it includes end-to-end encryption for one-on-one RCS conversations. Google actually started rolling this feature out to beta testers but promised to continue the rollout this year. 

Improved Pixel and Android Ecosystem

The partnership also promises that T-Mobile will be expanding its offering of Pixel and other Android devices. With the partnership, the two companies will showcase T-Mobile’s 5G network on these devices. 

Seamless Phone Backup and Expanded Cloud Storage

The partnership also gives T-Mobile customers access to Google One, which will let them seamless and securely back up their mobile data and restore it to a new phone. T-Mobile customers will have access to the expanded cloud storage plans of Google One so they can easily backup their mobile devices. 

Mobile Entertainment Innovation

As part of the partnership, T-Mobile and Google will be offering a premium TV solution through YouTube TV. T-Mobile customers will get $10 off the regular price, turning it to just $54.99 per month. 

If you are an existing TVision customer, you can get the offer until June 30th. You can get more information about this offer here.


Source: T-Mobile

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