T-Mobile quietly increases data allotment on two Connect plans


T-Mobile has given its users a surprise. 

As discovered by a publication, the Un-Carrier quietly increased the data allotments on two of its Connect plans. And the best part about this is that the data allotment on these two plans increased by 500MB. 

With the new data allotment, these are the plans that have been changed: 

  • $15 per month plan – now comes with 2.5GB of data each month instead of 2GB
  • $25 per month plan – now comes with 5.5GB of data each month instead of 5GB

The data increase is true to T-Mobile’s promise that it made when it was still waiting for its Sprint merger to be approved by regulators. But this is likely just the beginning. It’s possible that T-Mobile could increase its data allotment by 500MB increments in the next few years. And part of the promise that T-Mobile made was that its Connect plans won’t have any price increase until at least 2025. 


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  • Fan_Posting

    Yep, Connect Plans, helps to Keep us Connected

  • JG

    Just to clarify…

    This 500Mb increase is NOT the 500Mb increase that is a feature of said plan…

    In other words, you’ll go to 2.5GB of data now AND still see a 500Mb bump (now to 3Gbs) on your 12th month….

    • Shaun Michalak

      But just to clarify, they still have the same end date for the extra 500mb upgrades every year, so that tells me that they are just starting you off at the slightly higher amount, and knocking off one year of upgrades, so your total data max will still stay the same.

      • JG

        First, my bad. My original post was me trying to verify that this additional data bump was a bonus bump and wasn’t actually the already announced 1 year bump being applied… The end of the first sentence should have included “right” and probably ended in a question mark instead of a period… I wasn’t trying to say I knew for sure…

        That said… If the end date is still the same… And this is an unrelated “just for the hells of it” bump… Shouldn’t that mean those on the plan will end with an extra half gig more than they would have a few days ago?

        • Shaun Michalak

          That actually makes me wonder.. the people that started off on this plan.. are they now at 2.5gigs, or did they go up to 3 gigs?? Then there is another option.. Maybe they are just going to do this every year, where they bump up the data by 500mb until they reach the max, and this way, they just keep everyone on that plan at the same set amount?? and when you reach 2025, everyone, no matter if you started on day one, or year 5, will all have the same amount of data?? It is just a guess..

          But if that is the case, then it makes me wonder why they are not advertising the $25 plan the same way.. to quote

          “Unlimited talk and text, and choose between 2.5GB or 5.5GB of high-speed data”

          Since the original was 2 and 5 gigs, they bumped up both plans, not just the $15 one (notice the poor reporting that they did this with the $25 plan too but it was not mentioned??).. So this would make sense for ease of administration on their end if they did it just like that.. Just bump everyone up, and a few years from now, it will just be a set amount for the plan, with a set amount of data..

          But if this was their plan from the start, it just makes them look better like they are giving more, if they do the bumps like that vs just giving it all at once.. Then there is the other option that it could be the extra data.. well, maybe they are doing this to ease on their network a little until they can get things fully installed, and get more people on 5G with more 5G (especially band 41) installed. That is just a thought..

        • Cash

          I think their billing system couldn’t handle everyone being on different terms, so they just are bumping the plan every march for everyone. Not to mention the customer support for prepaid is so horrible better to keep it simple.

          I appreciate my connect plan though, Im sure 50% of the people on every carrier dont come anywhere near 2gb a month but are paying at least $30 a month to be an add on line in a family plan.

          Related note, the people at the retail tmobile locations dont know anything about these plans, and told me i wasnt allowed to get 5g and wouldnt help me with my 5g issues, had to ask the manager and show them on the site where it says connect plan gets 5g. I cant believe they dont have 5g on other prepaid tmobile plans. I feel like that goes against some of the 5g statements they said to get merger approved.

        • Shaun Michalak

          That is what I thought.. I figured that was what they were doing.. It does not surprise me that the people at the store did not know about it either.. Like I said before.. They have it buried down so it is not easily seen, and it is not advertised either..

          As for me, I will wait a few years.. and who knows.. I just might jump onto that plan once they get it a little higher.. We usually do not use that much data ourselves.. So it would be fine.. but right now, my nephew is using one of the phones, and that phone he does use a lot of data, so since there is really only a $7 difference per line, I think I will just stick with what I have now until maybe later.. I am also waiting to see what the price is like after a few years.. When they first brought out their 55+ plans, those were originally cheaper too.. Then one day, they just raised them out of no where.. I do not want to jump on them to save a few dollars and then have them do that to this plan too.,

  • Just_Joe

    It would be interesting to know what percentage of customers even come close to using up their allotment. If it’s as low as I expect it to be, then this is really next to free marketing in order to be competitive with the MVNOs which recently upped their own plans with a little more data. I mean, if you’re not already using 2GB, then you won’t be using 2.5GB either–no real cost to T-Mo at all. (Disclaimer: I am a Connect subscriber, and I use very little data.)

    • Shaun Michalak

      actually, you would be half correct.. Just because you may not be using 2 gigs now, does not mean that things will not change, and that you will not be using it next year.. For example, say you are now using Wifi, but for some reason, lose the Wifi.. You would be using more off of the cell tower instead of the Wifi..

      Not only that, but they stated that every year you get an additional 500mb up until 2025.. So the top would be something like 4.5 gigs a few years from now.. Some people might be taking that into consideration too, and not just looking at the what it is at now.

      But I am also sure that there are some people out there that can not afford a $50 plan for a single line (look at people in nursing homes, on SS, etc for example), and this one is just $15 a month, plus taxes and fees.. Here, that comes up to something like $18 a month with it being prepaid.. So I am sure that there are some people that do use it all, or close to it, and get this plan because of price, not based on the amount of data that it has. They just work with what they get.

  • Shaun Michalak

    It makes me wonder, did they just start the starting amount at higher, or the total end amount to be higher.. Here is some info that has not been updated yet about this plan

    “Starting March 2020, customers can choose from a $15 plus tax 2GB data, unlimited talk & text plan or a $25 plus tax 5GB data, unlimited talk and text plan that will increase by an additional 500MB of monthly data annually until March 2025 for a total of 5 years and the best thing, the price stays the same.”

    But now it states

    “Unlimited talk and text, and choose between 2.5GB or 5.5GB of high-speed data. Annual Data Upgrade of 500MB every year through 2025”

    so if a year later, it still states that they will stop the 500mb extra at the same date, this seems to me that they are just starting it at a higher amount, and knocking off one year of upgrades.. I guess this is good because new customers get more from the start, so it takes less time to reach full data.. but on the other hand, in the end, you still end up with the same amount of data, so it is not like it is a huge change.. I think it would have been better if they added to the maxed amount of data too.

  • Shaun Michalak

    I like the idea of the connect plans.. They are great for people that use either no data, or almost no data, or people in places like.. Say nursing homes where they only get, say $50 a month for things that they may want or need to buy.. This will help them stay connected where if they had to pay say, $50 for a plan, they may not be able to afford it..

    One thing I wish that they would do is advertise it more.. Not have it buried 3 and 4 pages down to get to it. There are a lot of people that know nothing about it because of how they have it buried into their site, and they do nothing to advertise that they even have it.