T-Mobile opens first store in Hays


T-Mobile has just expanded its retail store in Ellis County as it opens its first store in Hays. 

For years, customers have been asking for a branch in their location and T-Mobile has listened to their requests. 

The new store is located at 4333 Vine Street. It allows customers to choose a device and service plan they need for communication.

By opening a store in Hays, T-Mobile is able to deliver in its promise to serve more people situated in small towns across the country. This new store is just the first to support western Kansas.  

According to Sen. Rick Billinger, T-Mobile is much welcomed in Hays and is excited about having their presence in the area. The store not only provides customers an option for their cellular service but will also provide additional job opportunities for citizens. 

The new store is open Monday to Sunday from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.


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  • Keith Stevens

    Must be a really slow News day…

    • weidnerj

      Yup, was wondering if it was Hays, KS – and if so pretty much why? Hays is the little dot on the map town of about 20,000 people (I had to Google that number) right on the Kansas / Colorado border on I-70, or 1/2 between Denver and Kansas City on I-70…

      • Glenn Gore

        Uh, it is 160 miles from Hays to the Colorado border, not exactly “right on”. In this part of the world, middle America, between the coasts, a city of 20,000 people is considered a big city, so in relative terms, if T-Mobile wants to serve all of Kansas, which they evidently do since they have blanketed the state with 5G coverage, they need to serve cities of 20,000 people.

        T-Mobile has done a great job in this part of the world, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico were the first places they deployed their Band 71 spectrum, and now they have done a lot of upgrading that coverage with much higher data rates, so it is just getting better every day. T-Mobile is not just an “urban carrier” any more, and that is a good thing, since they are signing up new customers here and those urban customers demand coverage when they travel through here. I-70 is a very busy cross-country interstate highway, it is not just a dusty road with 3 cars and a buckboard wagon every day. It’s all good.

        • Logan Roy

          Used to be a dead zone in Oklahoma from Woodward to the New Mexico border. That has been cut down to maybe 10 miles total. Made me very happy when I head out that way.

        • Glenn Gore

          Yep, it’s 5G all the way, including all of NE NM across from Clayton to I-25, either route you take. Even in the mountains, Red River has 5G from T-Mobile. AT&T doesn’t even have service there any more. T-Mobile has been very aggressive.

        • Shaun Michalak

          Do you have an actual AT&T phone?? The reason I ask is because AT&T does not usually take service down once it is put up.. But at the same time, T-Mobiles contract with AT&T is to use 2G, 3G, and mid band 4G connections.. If AT&T has band 12 service in an area on 4G, T-Mobile customers can not jump off of their service.. Since AT&T is taking down all of its 3G and older service to add the spectrum to their 4 and 5G service, it could be that they still have service, but just not any that is in contract with T-Mobile.

        • Glenn Gore

          Yes, up until 6 months ago, my work phone was with AT&T. It worked fine in Red River, NM up until 2 years ago. AT&T has never had native service in a good bit of northern New Mexico and Colorado, in the mountains primarily. They have relied on roaming on Commnet for service, but that all went away for some reason. One of the Red River sheriff’s deputies even told me that Commnet had completely shut down there.

          When we were out there last summer, lots of people were complaining that their AT&T phones didn’t work. It was Verizon, T-Mobile or nothing. I think it’s odd that AT&T does not provide native service since most of the tourist, skiing, and summer crowd comes from Oklahoma and Texas, where AT&T is the dominant carrier, but they only have service in Taos, Angel Fire, and out on the plains for some reason. I would think there would be some requirements related to First Net but maybe not.

        • Shaun Michalak

          You said it right there.. “They have relied on roaming on Commnet for service”.. So basically, AT&T did not take down service.. They just never installed it in the first place, and the company that did took it down for some reason.

          As for first net.. Well, you can only guarantee service where you have service.. It is hard to guarantee service in every place that your competitors do, and more.. The biggest thing with Firstnet is the option of giving emergency personnel the highest priority on the tower where they do have it. But to be fair, I think that could happen to any company. Verizon is buying out the areas that they do not own the towers, but for a long time, Verizon had as much service that would be close to the size of the state of California, that was all coverage that Verizon did not own.. I would say that they bought out enough to lower that size down to probably, about the size of the state of Ohio..

          AT&T was the same way too.. and T-Mobile.. Well, up until these past few years,most of their coverage was from competitors like AT&T..

          I am not sure about AT&T, but I know T-Mobile and Verizon have both been changing that over the past couple of years.. and most of the towers that I have seen AT&T put up, have all been in places where they have no coverage, and no contracts to jump off of other carriers towers.

        • Glenn Gore

          I really could not care less whether AT&T serves Red River or not. I am not an AT&T customer, nor is Red River the subject of this thread. I only mentioned the fact that AT&T customers no longer have service there in passing while praising T-Mobile for offering 5G service there, as well as opening a store in Hays, Kansas, one of the largest cities in the western half of Kansas. There are those in this thread who don’t think such places deserve to enjoy service from T-Mobile at all or have access to a T-Mobile store at all because Hays is not a city of 10 million people. But evidently T-Mobile thinks they do, and that’s what is really important, and I praise them for it.

        • Shaun Michalak

          I agree.. I have seen a lot of places where T-Mobile has better coverage then others.. There is a small town called albion around here.. Verizon gets 2 bars max of coverage down there.. Granted, it is a small town.. But with how far the towers are from there, I could see them getting no good 5G service from the recent C-Band spectrum since they get not very good service off of the current low band spectrum that is installed there.

          I have actually praised T-Mobile for the expansions and coverage that they have installed over the past few years.. and how much they have expanded.. The last time I went down to see my nephew, that I did a speed test, in his small town, I was getting speeds of around 50+ megs down, and that was no where near the tower. Much better then I get at my house..

          To be fair, while I do say that I do not get great speeds at my house, I have a friend on Verizon, and I did speed tests with both of our phones, at the same time.. and I actually got comparable speeds between both of them, me on T-Mobile and him on Verizon..

  • Christopher Heimann

    Yahhhh a store in Hays, I’ve been sitting here in Seattle wondering when they were finally going to get one. Thanks Tmonews you just made my day.

    • marque2

      Lay off. Before Christine took over this site was dying – not even posting major news. Now we get a lot of interesting articles with the occasional less interesting one. If you don’t care about the store in Hays read the next article. I appreciate how this site has come back to life over the last few months.

      • Christopher Heimann

        It was a joke. Calm down.

        • marque2

          Yes, but everyone seems to be cleverly doing the same joke. It isn’t that funny.

        • Loco Mole

          Funny reading your being so upset and twisted. Where the heck is Hays???

        • marque2

          Yes it must be twisted to not harass the host for posting news on her news site.

        • Christopher Heimann

          Your good, engagement is the number one thing it doesn’t matter what the engagement is. This might be the first time I have ever commented 3 times on a post.

        • Shaun Michalak

          Well, in this case, I think she kind of deserved to be picked on.. Hey, they opened a store in Hays.. So is that Hays in PA, or TX or Kansas, or ??? I am failing to see why she would put it up there in a way that you have to read the whole article just to see what state the store was in..

        • Shaun Michalak

          The funny thing is, that was my first thought too.. I had to read clear to the bottom, and it was not until I got there that I even saw a state mentioned.. Kansas.. at which I thought, do you know how many states have cities with the same name in them?? There is a Hays city or county in PA, KS, TX,. etc..

          Why would anyone just put down a name of a city, and no state?? That just seemed kind of crazy to me.. A good example, not too far from me there is a city called warren.. But if they just put warren, I would be asking.. Is that Warren OH, Warren, PA, or Warren, MI, or Warren in another state..

  • James Symmonds

    Too bad Tmo’s coverage in KS along I70 doesn’t match their maps. Driving to Colorado, I’ll usually get a message that I used up my roaming data. Which is odd since I’m supposed to have coverage the whole way.

    • GeoGuy17

      The coverage is in islands along the interstate. This is because the opted for low tower placement which means the signal doesn’t travel but a few miles. What ends up happening is that shortly after leaving Hays going west, you lose service around Ellis and start roaming. Often the phone will not switch back to T-Mobile as the roaming service is so much more consistent. For much of that, you should not get dinged towards your roaming allotment as it is like being on the native network for much of the drive. Hays itself has some crappy coverage up towards the interstate as the only tower they use is on the south side of town. Hopefully they get the service sorted at least along the interstate. Go down around Garden City and it is a bit of a mess as well.

  • Willie D

    I’m not going to give a break just cause someone is a new writer or because the site was dying before… this isn’t news, not many know where Hays is nor do many care. Opening stores isn’t news. Period.

  • Jay Holm

    You have to get down to the 4th paragraph just to finally find out WHERE Hays is…

  • Jerry Rich

    Just talked to a friend of mine that is the Shaman of Hays in Ellis County, he said everyone in town is on Verizon. All three of them.

  • Moby

    “It allows customers to choose a device and service plan they need for communication.”

    Such informative and insightful information about what service this store will provide!!

    Without Christine Torralba’s detailed description, readers would have been at a complete loss on the matter!