New study confirms T-Mobile is country’s leader in 5G speed


T-Mobile has consistently been saying that they are the 5G speed leader in the country. And today, a new study reveals there is much bearing to T-Mobile’s claim. 

As revealed by research firm umlaut, T-Mobile delivers the fastest 5G speeds in 10 major markets across the US. The research firm discovered that T-Mobile ranked high in Atlanta, Dallas – Fort Worth, Newark – Jersey City, Philadelphia and Phoenix. The publication also found that T-Mobile’s super-fast Ultra Capacity 5G network was available 40% of the time on average across the five markets, meanwhile Verizon’s Ultra Wideband network was only found 5% of the time at best. 

This report follows Opensignal’s report that T-Mobile customers get the fastest 5G download and upload speeds throughout the country. 

T-Mobile President of Technology, Neville Ray, says:

“We have our foot on the 5G gas pedal, and we’re not letting up. T-Mobile has been the leader in 5G coverage from the moment we launched our nationwide network, and now we’re piling on the speed with our super fast Ultra Capacity 5G rolling out across the country.”

The CEO also shared that “This is how you build a real 5G network — with great coverage, capacity and speeds — across major cities and into small towns.”

You can read more about the report here. 


Source: T-Mobile

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